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One of the largest national parks east of the Rocky Mountains, Big Bend National Park is a huge expanse of dry mountains, canyons and desert wilderness sitting in a bend of the Rio Grande. Take this quiz to learn more about this untouched region of impressive beauty.

Where is the Big Bend National Park located?

It is located in Texas about 240 miles (386 kilometers) southwest of the Midland/Odessa airport.


How large is the park?

The park covers an area of 802,541 acres.


What is the Rio Grande?

It is a river that flows from southwestern Colorado in the United States to the Gulf of Mexico.


When was the park established?

It was established in 1944.


What kind of terrain do you find in Big Bend?

You have canyons, mountains, river and desert.


What wildlife can you expect to meet in the park?

You can encounter deer, mountain lions, javelinas, and numerous bird species.


How high are the limestone walls of the Mariscal and Boquillas Canyons?

They rise to a height of 1,200 feet (366 meters).


For which sport is this park one of the best locations in Texas?

The park is regarded as one of the best locations for sandboarding.


What forms the southern border of the park?

The Santa Elena Canyon is the southern border of the park.


What are considered the highlights of Big Bend?

The Window and Casa Grande are considered the highlights.


What can you see if you look closely at Pulliam Bluff in Chisos Basin?

You might see the profile of a reclining man's face.


What is the legend behind this?

According to legend this is Alsate, an Apache chief whose ghost still roams the mountains.


What treat awaits hikers along the trail in the Chisos Basin?

Follow the Window View trail to see The Window where water drains out of the basin.


If you reach the South Rim what will you see?

You will find an oasis of bigtooth maple, Douglas fir and Arizona pine.


Which creature has made this particular area its only residence in the United States?

Here is the yellow Colima warbler's only home in the U.S.


What kind of vegetation can be found along the Rio Grande?

You have thick subtropical vegetation.


What rare wildlife is it possible to see along the banks of the Rio Grande??

You may encounter ocelot, jaguarundi and jaguar.


When did people first arrive in Big Bend?

About 10,000 years ago the first people, probably nomadic tribes, arrived.


According to legend what did the Spanish settlers find when they reached the area in the sixteenth century?

The supposedly found a rich lode of silver at the top of a mountain.


Who drove the Spanish settlers from the area?

Comanche warriors were driven into the region by white settlement in their tribal territories in northwest Texas. They destroyed livestock and crops until the Spanish abandoned the area.


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