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Everyone knows Bill Gates founded Microsoft and became a snillionaire -- he's the richest guy in the world right now, according to Forbes magazine. But what else do you really know about him? Take the quiz and found out.

Where was Bill Gates born?

Gates was born in Seattle on Oct. 28, 1955.


What game was young Gates' first computer program based on?

Using his school computer, Gates created a version of tic-tac-toe that people could play against the computer.


Who was Gates' business partner in founding Microsoft?

Paul Allen met Gates at the Lakeside School in Seattle and founded Microsoft with him in 1975.


What was Gates' score on the SAT?

Gates was near-perfect when he took the SAT in 1972.


Where was Microsoft headquartered before the company moved to Washington State?

Gates and Paul Allen worked at Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems in Albuquerque and formed Microsoft there.


When was Microsoft Windows first offered to the public?

Windows hit the market in April 1985.


About how much is Gates worth?

In March 2009, Forbes magazine estimated Gates' net worth at $40 billion. And that's down $18 billion from the previous year.


What's the endowment of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation?

Gates officially stepped down at Microsoft in July 2008 to concentrate on the foundation, which had an endowment of $27.5 billion in April 2009.


Where did Gates meet his wife, Melinda?

Melinda was working for Microsoft when she encountered Gates at a press event in 1987.


Which billionaire helped Gates propose to Melinda?

In 1993, Gates surprised Melinda by flying her to Omaha, Neb., Buffett's hometown. Buffett arranged for a jewelry store to be opened so they could buy a ring.


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