Quiz: The Ultimate Blink Technology Quiz
The Ultimate Blink Technology Quiz
By: Staff
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No more time-consuming credit card swiping. Credit companies want to save us the annoyance of both swiping and signing our names during credit card transactions. Blink technology may do just that. Take our fun quiz and see if this clever innovation is for you.

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What's the difference between a blink contactless credit card and a regular credit card.
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What are the obvious advantages of a blink card for the consumer?
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Which technology did Mobile introduce in 1997 to speed up payment at the gas pumps?
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At which of the following places do people most hate to stand in line?
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Blink uses a specific kind of RFID microchip developed under International Standard 14443. What makes it suited for use with credit card information?
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Induction is the process whereby a magnetic field can produce _____current.
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In RFID devices such as blink cards, engineers use induction to power the:
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When using a blink card, _____is not required.
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The biggest problem with blink cards is the possibility that a terminal will read your card accidentally. What precautions might be implemented to prevent this from happening?
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What is the proper reading range of a blink terminal?
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Blink speeds up transactions by as much as_____percent.
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What motivation besides innovation might Chase have for introducing blink cards?
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Which of the following have introduced RFID cards?
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Which of the following might replace standard plastic credit cards in the future?
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The processor in your blink card transmits information to the reader terminal at a _____of 13.56 MHz.
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