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Whether you're a welder or a plumber, a blowtorch could be the very thing you need. Of course, you must comply with safety regulations and be familiar with the mechanics before you begin. But that said, you will find the blowtorch a wonder tool. Take this quiz to see what you know about the humble blowtorch.

What are the sparks that you see coming out from a blowtorch?

They're actually tiny pieces of molten metal from the cutting and welding process.


With mishandling of the blowtorch or improper pressure, what could happen?

If safety precautions are not taken into account, this could cause a fire to break out.


What revolution in the welding process did the 19th-century invention of the blowtorch cause?

The blowtorch revolutionized welding, by means of focusing intense heat on a small area.


Why is welding a high-paying job these days?

Since most people don't go into the welding profession, welders are scarce. Therefore, those who can do it well are paid highly.


Which of these are essential components of a blowtorch?

The blowtorch has a gas cylinder, two hoses, an oxygen cylinder, and other essential components.


What is the function of the regulators?

The regulators are there in order to control the gas pressure and flow.


Why shouldn't you light the blowtorch with a match?

You shouldn't use a match (or a cigarette lighter, for that matter) because of the extremely high temperatures of the blowtorch flames. Instead, the blowtorch has its own igniter.


In terms of gas pressure, what is the rule regarding the hose and the torch head?

It's important to ensure that the hose pressure is greater than the torch head pressure.


What gases are commonly used in home blowtorches?

The home variety usually contains butane or propane.


Which is the more volatile of the gases used in professional blowtorches: acetylene or MAPP?

Acetylene is by far the more volatile. This notwithstanding, it happens to be highly effective.


What is the flame temperature range of an oxyacetylene torch?

It usually ranges between 5,000 and 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit (2,760 and 3,316 degrees Celsius).


How do you know when backfire has occurred?

Backfire, though startling but not dangerous, is when you hear a loud pop as you extinguish the flame.


In the welding process, what is meant by the term "flashback"?

Flashback is when the flame goes back into the torch, usually due to improper pressure or a clog. If it happens, you must shut off both gas canisters immediately.


Why do welders heat the entire piece of metal uniformly before they weld?

Heating the whole piece of metal uniformly prevents the problem of metal warping unevenly when only part of it is heated.


When you begin to operate a blowtorch, you adjust the acetylene regulator to optimum working pressure, or:

The optimum working pressure is 5 psi.


If the blowtorch doesn't have its own igniter, how should you light it?

Use a friction lighter, which you hold about one inch (two-and-a-half centimeters) away from the tip.


How do you drain away any remaining oxygen pressure from the hoses and torch?

You open the oxygen needle valve until the gauge shows zero pressure, then close it again.


Why do plumbers use blowtorches?

Plumbers use blowtorches to solder and join copper pipes.


If you have a home blowtorch, what two safety essentials must you have on hand?

Aside from protective clothing and maximum safety precautions, you must have a fire extinguisher and smoke detector nearby.


Why shouldn't you use a home blowtorch to thaw frozen water pipes?

The water in the pipes could boil while you are trying to thaw the pipes out and this could cause the pipes to explode.


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