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A down-on-his luck man of urban American yearns for a better life. A stroke of luck lands him in a boxing ring, where he fights against all odds to find wealth and fame. How much do you know about the "Rocky" movie series?

In what year did the first "Rocky" film open in theaters?

It's been more than four decades since "Rocky" took the world by storm. It was released in 1976.


As of 2016, how many movies are there in the "Rocky" film series?

There are seven films in the series, the most recent of which ("Creed") was released in 2015. Combined, the series has grossed more than $1 billion at worldwide box offices.


In the first movie, where does Rocky Balboa live?

Rocky lives in Philadelphia. He's stranded in poverty when he realizes that fighting might be a way to better his life.


Where is Rocky employed when he finally takes up fighting as serious employment?

Rocky is stuck in the cycle of poverty, working a hard job at a local meat warehouse. In one famous scene he trains for the ring by punching slabs of meat hanging from hooks.


Sylvester Stallone wrote all seven of the "Rocky" movies.

Stallone wrote the first six movies, but for "Creed," writing credit went to Aaron Covington and Ryan Coogler.


In "Rocky," who plays the character named Apollo Creed?

Carl Weathers landed the role as Apollo Creed -- Rocky's match in the ring -- and became a lasting film icon. Weathers also starred in "Predator" and "Happy Gilmore."


In the first movie, how does the unknown Rocky manage to secure a fight with Apollo Creed, a well-known champion?

Creed was slated to fight another boxer who had to withdraw due to an injury. Rather than waste the date, Creed offers to fight an unknown local man who would eventually become his nemesis.


Who wins the epic fight at the end of the first "Rocky"?

Neither fighter can knock out the other. At the end, the judges rule the fight a split decision -- one that goes to Apollo Creed.


How many of the seven films did Stallone direct?

Stallone not only acted in the movies, but he directed four of them, too. He is undoubtedly the creative force of the franchise.


In which film is "Rocky" finally named the world heavyweight champion?

Apollo Creed may have gotten the better Rocky in the first movie. But in the second film ("Rocky II"), Balboa has the last laugh, beating Creed and becoming the heavyweight champion.


Where did Sylvester Stallone say he got the inspiration for the "Rocky" story?

After watching Muhammed Ali fight, Stallone was completely inspired. He started working on a script that's now become part of Hollywood legend.


What was the budget for the first "Rocky" movie?

Stallone only had about $1 million to work with as he made the movie, which was shot in less than a month. It went on to gross more than $220 million at the box office.


How much was the budget for "Rocky V"?

How the times changed. Stallone went from cash-strapped moviemaker to Hollywood overkill -- the budget for "Rocky V" was around $42 million. It still made money, with gross receipts of nearly $120 million.


In "Rocky IV," Rocky trains in a snowy location that's meant to resemble the Soviet Union. Where was the footage actually shot?

The film crew traveled to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to shoot the cold-weather scenes. Temperatures dropped to -20 degrees Fahrenheit, making the shoots very difficult for everyone involved.


Actor Mr. T plays Rocky's big challenger in which film?

Mr. T schools Rocky at the beginning of "Rocky III," knocking him out in the second round. Rocky spends the rest of the movie training and looking for redemption.


How many Academy Award nominations did "Rocky" earn?

The low-budget masterpiece snagged 10 Oscar nominations. Of those nominations, the film won three categories.


Which of the following Academy Awards did the film win?

"Rocky" blew away many Oscar contenders by winning Best Picture. It also won Best Director and Best Film Editing.


Which actor did United Artists NOT want to play the lead role in the first movie?

The company loved the story but they didn't want Stallone to star in the movie. Stallone insisted on playing the lead role, a fact that wound up make incredibly huge piles of money for the studio.


"Rocky IV" made more money than "Rocky V."

"Rocky IV" was good addition to the series that got great reviews and made upwards of $300 million. "Rocky V," on the other hand, was the biggest disappointment of the series, and it made around $120 million -- some people considered it one of the worst movies of 1990.


Which of the following actresses turned down the role of Rocky's wife Adrian in the first movie?

Bette Midler was offered the part but turned it down. The casting agents also considered Cher, Susan Sarandon and Carrie Snodgress.


What is Rocky's nickname?

Rocky is the "Italian Stallion," and he's known less for grace than for his ability to absorb incredible punishment in the ring.


Which of the following musicians is featured on the "Rocky V" soundtrack album?

MC Hammer, the rapper who had a string of big hits in the 80s and 90s, was featured on the album. Elton John and Bill Conti also performed music for this awful movie.


How did producers convince members of the public to show up for the fight scene in the first "Rocky" movie?

It would have been a pretty lame fight if no one showed up to watch. So the film crew bribed people to show up and cheer in exchange for free food.


In which movie does Rocky take on a fighter named Ivan Drago?

In "Rocky IV," our favorite hero fights Ivan Drago, who hails from the Soviet Union. The film was released in 1985, a time when Cold War tensions still lingered.


What physical ailment forces Rocky into retirement after his fight with Ivan Drago?

Rocky may have won his fight against Drago, but he did so at great expense -- he suffers brain damage that forces him into retirement.


Who directed "Rocky V"?

John Avildsen was the director that made this film, the most disappointing in the entire series. But Avilsen was also at the helm for "Rocky," the movie that won him an Oscar for Best Director.


How did the original "Rocky" movie fare with critics?

The film received almost universally good reviews from critics. The plot may be predictable, but the expert craftsmanship and quality acting set it apart from many similar movies.


During "Creed," Rocky learns that he has which physical ailment?

As "Creed" unfolds, Rocky finds out that he has non-Hodgkins' lymphoma, setting up a mortal battle not in the ring, but within Rocky's own body.


Stallone was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role in which film?

Four decades after his first Oscar nomination, Stallone finally received another for his role in "Creed." The film received amazing reviews from critics around the country.


Rocky was originally supposed to die at the end of which movie?

In "Rocky V," Rocky engages in a street fight with a much younger and fitter boxer named Tommy Gunn. Gunn was supposed to kill Rocky, but the studio refused to let the script kill off one of their most iconic moneymakers.


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