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Taking a boat trip with your pet can be quite an experience. With the right preparation, a cruise can be lots of fun for both of you. Take this quiz to learn more about preparing for a boat trip with your pet.

What feature of the Portuguese water dog helps it to swim?

Portuguese water dogs have webbed feet.


Why have cats traditionally been taken on long voyages?

For centuries cats have been brought on long voyages in order to keep rat and mouse populations under control on the ship.


Taking your pet on a boat trip:

Taking your pet on a boat trip requires a lot of preparation. You will need equipment and supplies, and you will need to spend time adjusting your pet to the boat and to water.


What sort of litter should you get for your cat's litter box?

Use clumping litter in the litter box, as it will make less of a mess in choppy waters.


What is a dog toilet?

You may want to take a dog toilet with you on your boat trip. This is a small patch of synthetic grass which has an absorbent, anti-microbial base.


Which of the following will you need to have a good supply of when going on a boating trip with your dog?

Keep a good supply of towels on the boat to dry off your dog after a swim. This will help you to avoid cold, smelly nights if your dog likes to snuggle up with you. Also, keep plastic bags on the boat to avoid having the literal meaning of a poop deck.


When should you start acclimatizing your pet to the boat?

It will take your dog some time to get used to the boat and the feel of the water. Start taking your dog for visits to the boat weeks in advance of the trip. Keep the dog on the leash and let it sniff around and explore.


What sizes do dog flotation devices come in?

It is important to get the right size flotation device for your pet. A big one will slip off and a small one will restrict your pet's movement. Sizes vary according to breed or you can get size-specific devices.


Besides preventing your pet from drowning, what else does a pet flotation device (PFD) protect against?

A PFD protects against hypothermia should your pet get stuck in cold water for a long period.


What should a PFD come with?

All PFD's should have a handle on the back that rests between your pet's shoulder blades. This is to enable you to pull your pet out of the water should the need arise. It is a good idea to practice this maneuver before your boating trip so that your pet won't panic if you need to use it.


What do you need to do before pulling your pet out of the water?

There have been incidences where pet owners have drowned trying to save their pet. Ensure you are wearing your own life vest before attempting to save your dog.


Which of the following dogs are likely to be better swimmers?

Fat is more buoyant than muscles, so leaner dogs may struggle more than fatter dogs in water. Short-legged dogs may struggle to keep up with the boat in the strong currents of open water.


When you first get onto the boat, in what position should you have your dog?

Some dogs want to jump straight into the water, but this can be a safety hazard as you depart from the dock. Have your dog securely leashed with the end of the leash in your hand, showing your dog that you are in control. You can later reward your dog with a swim when you are out on the water.


How can you help your dog to get out of the water back onto the boat?

You should pull your dog up only in an emergency. Bring a dog ladder or a dog ramp along to help your dog get back onto the boat. A dog ramp is a collapsible floating ramp that attaches to the deck and creates a slope that mimics the shoreline.


How can you help your cat get used to the motion of a boat?

Creating a confined space with several blankets low down in the center of the boat can help your cat get used to the motion. Try to use the cat's favorite blankets and throw some catnip or kitty treats in to help it feel comfortable.


What is a crucial piece of equipment to bring along if you are taking a cat on a boat trip?

If you don't want your cat to claw at the ropes of the boat or at the boat furniture, make sure you bring along a scratching post. Tie it down firmly or else your cat won't use it, since cats like resistance in their scratching posts.


How can you help your cat out of the water?

If your cat is strong and has good front claws, draping a strip of carpet or fishnet can act as a ladder that your cat can climb up onto to get back into the boat.


Why might you bring protective paw shoes along for you pet on a boat trip?

The deck can get very hot and your pet might burn its paw pads on it.


Why should you never tie your pet to the boat?

There are times when you will need to confine your pet while on your boat. However, you should never tie it to the boat in case you encounter rough water and the boat overturns. Your pet will be tied down and unable to swim to safety. Instead, use a harness or carrier.


What should you keep out of your pet's reach?

Pets can get hooked on your fishing gear, so make sure to keep it contained and out of their reach. If they do get hooked, try to stabilize the hook's weight and get to a vet as quick as possible. Do not attempt to remove the hook yourself.


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