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Life on the water is different than life on land. How much do you know about boating? Take this quiz to find out.

One knot (the speed unit used for boats) is equal to what speed in miles per hour?

One knot is 1.151 miles per hour, so if you're traveling at 10 knots, your equivalent speed would be 11.5 mph.


How much horsepower might you find on a so-called "go-fast" or "cigarette" boat?

They typically have two (or more) engines that combine for 1,000 or more horsepower, making them capable of very high speeds.


What color of navigational lights are used for boats?

The basic navigation (or running) lights are red, green and white.


What sort of boat is a laker?

Also known as "lake freighters," bulk carriers are large ships often found in the waters of the Great Lakes.


Where is the white running light placed on a boat?

Only people who see your boat from the rear will be able to see the white running light.


True or false: On a crowded lake, the only rule for navigating traffic is to travel at a slow speed to avoid a collision.

You should always travel at a safe speed, but there are plenty of guidelines for boating — many boaters, however, simply don't know them.


What is the Harmsworth?

The Harmsworth Cup was started in 1903 and is held only intermittently.


What was the average speed of the winning boat in the 1961 Harmsworth Cup?

The 116-mile per hour average speed was much, much faster than the 19.5-mile per hour winning speed in 1903.


You should pass on which side of a slower vessel?

You can pass on either side, but either way, you should do so with care to avoid a collision.


What is a PFD?

PFDs, or personal flotation devices, are the all-important life jackets that should be standard equipment on every boat.


What does it mean when a boat is displaying two red running lights?

It means the boat isn't under command and may be having problems with steering or control.


True or false: If a boat approaches from your right (starboard), it has right of way.

You must yield to a boat that approaches you from your starboard side.


Powerboating first became an Olympics sport in what year?

It was a demonstration sport in 1900 and became a men-only event in 1908.


What do you call a boat that has two parallel hulls of equal size?

The two-hull design of a catamaran cuts down on resistance and increases stability.


What power source was used for the first patented outboard motor?

Patented in 1880, the motor was created by a French electrical engineer named Gustave Trouve, who also made the world's first electric vehicle.


Which of the following vessels has the top priority, meaning others must give way?

With their gear deployed, fishing vessels have less maneuverability, meaning the other two types must do their part to stay clear.


What's a runabout?

Runabouts are well-rounded, small boats for all sorts of water activities, and they typically seat no more than eight people.


How many sails are there on a sloop?

Sloops have one mast and two sails. They are the most common category of contemporary sailboat.


To which part of the boat does the word "gunnel" refer?

The word "gunnel" refers to the sides of the boat. The front of the boat is called the bow, and the rear is called the stern.


True or false: Sailboats are considered powered vessels if they are using their motors, even if they have their sails deployed.

Simply turning on their motors immediately turns sailboats into a class of powered vessel, changing the rules that apply to them.


How much horsepower did the first Evinrude outboard motor have?

At 1.5 horsepower, it wasn't exactly blazing fast, but this technology was still very new when the engine was launched in 1909.


When facing the front of the boat, "port" refers to what?

The left side is called port; the right side is starboard.


Jon boats are best for what activities?

Jon boats are small and have flat bottoms, making them great for hunting and fishing even in very shallow water.


True or false: Boats often have several decks.

Boats may have one deck, but more than that and you'd be calling your boat a ship.


If you see only one green running light on the side of a boat, you're looking at what type of boat?

Sailboats have only single-colored running lights; the green light means you're seeing the starboard side.


To what item does "holding power" refer?

The holding power of anchors varies greatly by weight and design, and choosing the right one is essential to safe boating.


When did fiberglass become a common material for recreational boats?

Glass-reinforced plastic (fiberglass) exploded in popularity in the 1960s and are used in most contemporary consumer boats.


If you are meeting an approaching boat head-on, you should veer which direction?

Both vessels should veer to the right to avoid a head-on collision.


Trimarans are boats that are almost always used for what purpose?

They are usually sailboats with one primary hull and two smaller hulls, one to each side.


Where should you NOT anchor a small boat?

The engine is at the stern, meaning the anchor will only add more weight and potentially swamp your boat.


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