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Bobcats, so named for their short, clipped tails is are the most common large cats native to North America. These feisty animals are similar in appearance to house cats, but they're not as likely to meow and purr if you reach out your hand to pet one.

What genus do bobcats belong to?

Bobcats, along with three other species, are members of the Lynx genus.


How many continents is the bobcat found on?

The bobcat is found only on the continent of North America.


Which of the following habitats is the bobcat not especially well-suited for?

Bobcats lack the thick fur and large padded feet necessary to thrive in very cold climates.


Where does the habitat of the bobcat overlap with the lynx?

Bobcats and lynxes coexist along the U.S.-Canada border.


How far can bobcats leap?

Bobcats can bring down large animals like deer with a pounce that can cover a distance of 10 feet (3 meters).


What's the preferred prey of bobcats?

Bobcats usually go after small prey like birds, mice and rabbits.


How does the tail of a bobcat differ from the tail of a lynx?

A bobcat's tail is banded with black stripes and is black only at the top of the tail's tip.


Bobcat behavior can be described as:

The bobcat's fierce, bold nature has earned it the nickname "spitfire of the Animal Kingdom."


Bobcat populations in North America are:

Despite a drain on their numbers by the fur industry, bobcat populations remain stable.


The fur of a bobcat is:

Bobcat coats can range from gray to brown and are almost always spotted or striped.


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