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You're carefree, easygoing and super-stylish (in a laid-back kinda way). So you think you know everything there is to know about bohemian style? Take our quiz and find out!

What type of dress is commonly associated with bohemian fashion?

Loose, airy and long, the maxi dress is a common staple of most bohemian women's wardrobes.


What province is commonly credited with being the birthplace of bohemian culture?

The Czech province of Bohemia was a center of political, religious and artistic discord starting in the 1500s. As such, it became associated with unconventional ways of dressing and thinking.


What type of shoes might a bohemian dresser sport?

Flip-flops and sandals are both common footwear for bohemians, but the beauty of the style is that anything goes.


True or false: Bohemians prefer understated clothing.

Bohemians aren't scared of bright colors and wacky patterns, but they also enjoy natural tones.


Which of the following types of embellishments might a bohemian embrace?

Boho dressers love adding unique details to any ensemble, so go wild with embellishments!


True or false: Bohemian style can't possibly be worn to work.

Unless you work at a super strict "suits-only" law firm, chances are good that your employer won't mind your boho look, especially if you're in a creative field.


How can a person modernize a bohemian outfit?

If you like the bohemian style but want to make it more modern, simply mix and match trendy and eclectic pieces to create your own look.


True or false: Hippies and bohemians are the same.

Although they share similar philosophies, traditional hippies and bohemians boast their own separate movements in completely different time periods and locations.


In what major motion picture was bohemian life depicted with stunning costumes, storytelling and music?

"Moulin Rouge" (the 2001 version) tells the story of bohemians deep in the heart of the Montmarte disctrict of Paris in the early 20th century.


True or false: Bohemians prefer light jewelry to complement their airy clothing.

Most bohemians embrace any and all jewelry and accessories when putting together an outfit. Headbands, toe rings, leather bracelets and fine jewelry are all fair game.


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