Born in the '90s Quiz

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Born in the '90s Quiz
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About This Quiz

The '90s were filled with slap bracelets, Game Boys, and Walkmans!

Many '90's kids look back at the decade with fond memories and happiness. It was a time of childhood innocence and fun for most children. What do you remember most from the last decade before the millennium?

Do you remember the best '90s buzz words? What about the most popular movies and television shows of the decade? Who were the hottest artists of the time? Pop culture junkies will have no trouble answering these questions!

Which characters were the most popular? What video game was everyone trying to get their hands on? Do you know what the latest trends and styles of the decade were? The '90s were a cool, exciting, and stylish time for the world. 

You'll probably know some of the must-have toys from the time as well. You could be the coolest on the playground if you had a Tamagotchi or Pokemon cards, not to mention Moon Shoes!

The decade was filled with gadgets, hit songs, and movies that bring back lots of nostalgia for kids of the decade. It was a time of breakout boy bands and even a little politics. So, if you think you're ready, brush up on your '90s knowledge and go back to the past with this quiz!

This Spanish-worded song was a worldwide dance hit during a good part of the ‘90s.
bossa nova
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The song debuted in 1993.

Who was the controversial yet "cool" US president during the 1990s?
Bill Clinton
Ronald Reagan
John F. Kennedy
Barack Obama
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Bill Clinton was US president from 1993-2001.

What was the popular primetime animated TV series that’s not entirely for kids?
The American Dad
The Jetsons
The Flintstones
The Simpsons
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The Simpsons debuted in 1989 but garnered worldwide popularity during the 1990s.


What was the most popular computer operating system that ushered in the digital age of the '90s?
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When Windows 95 debuted, it aired a commercial featuring popular celebrities of that time.

Who is the Caucasian rapper who shot to stardom with his song Ice Ice Baby?
Ice Cube
MC Ice
Vanilla Ice
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Vanilla Ice’s real name is Robert Van Winkle.

Which member of the UK’s royal family died during this decade?
Princess Kate
Princess Diana
Princess Georgia
Princess Elizabeth
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Princess Diana’s car crashed when paparazzi tried to follow them in 1997.


Who is the computer magnate who ruled the '90s?
Steve Wozniak
Bill Gates
Steve Jobs
Mark Zuckerberg
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After making billions with his computer software empire, Bill Gates also created a foundation with his wife to support social causes.

This is one of the most famous sitcoms during the '90s which revolved around a man and his group of wacky friends.
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The stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld was the star of this sitcom.

What was launched in the ‘90s that made online connectivity possible around the world?
World Wide Web
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The World Wide Web, which went live in 1991, launched the world in the internet era where we are now.


Girls used to wear these popular things as cool accessories.
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Chocker necklaces were popular among teens and young adult women of the '90s.

This type of mini-stuffed toy was famous in the '90s.
beanie babies
cabbage patch dolls
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The Beanie Babies were small animal-shaped stuff toys that were collected as a group.

This famous White House intern became infamous for allegedly having an affair with US President Bill Clinton.
Sarah Palin
Greta Jones
Monica Lewinsky
Lorena Bobbitt
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The Lewinsky scandal came out in 1998, leading to an impeachment of Clinton and even a suspension of his law practice. He was somehow cleared eventually.


This was the most popular format used to watch movies at home during the '90s.
laser disc
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Before things became digitally compact via CDs and DVDs, movies were recorded on VHS tapes.

An embittered American wife named Lorena Bobbitt made headlines in 1993 for doing this to her husband John.
murdered in cold blood
cut off his "private part"
decapitated him
pushed him off a cliff
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Instead of being embarrassed, husband John had his private part restitched and he even made adult movies after the incident.

Before the iPod, people listened to music using this portable device made by Sony.
Sony Discman
Sony Vaio
Sony Creativ
Sony VTR
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The Sony Discman played one CD at a time, much like how the Sony Walkman played one cassette tape at a time.


This popular ‘90s sitcom featured a group of single adults living in New York City as young professionals.
Reality Bites
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Friends started airing in 1994 and lasted until 2004.

This popular '90s sci-fi film was actually a sequel to a 1980s film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Robocop 2
Star Wars 2
Terminator 2
ET 2
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Terminator 2 dominated the worldwide box office in 1991.

This tragic terrorist event rocked the US in 1995, especially since it was done by Americans Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols.
Waco incident
Oklahoma City bombings
Vietnam war
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Around 160+ people died in this event, with more than 600+ getting injured.


This famous US actor-athlete became famous in another way during the ‘90s for being in an epic car chase scene with the police.
OJ Samson
OJ Simeon
OJ Simpson
OJ Smithson
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OJ Simpson was eventually acquitted of the crime.

Rap music was eventually known by this term during the ‘90s, thanks to early innovations by Dr. Dre and other gangster rap sounds which ushered in this whole subculture into mainstream pop culture.
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Hiphop is also culturally linked to the US African-American communities which popularized this kind of music and lifestyle.

This type of TV show started to evolve during the ‘90s and garnered popularity especially when MTV made one called Real World.
reality TV
confessional TV
docu-drama TV
news TV
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The Real World debuted in 1992 where strangers were voted to live together, a kind of precursor to Big Brother and other similar reality TV shows today.


These twin girls won the hearts of Hollywood as child actors in the sitcom Fullhouse.
Sobha twins
Lilly twins
Olsen twins
Marnon twins
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The Olsen twins are now grown up and are fashion designers with their own businesses.

These small plastic dolls with long but standing colored hair were popular toys during the '90s.
cabbage patch dolls
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Trolls were already popular during the 1960s but had popularity resurgences in various decades, including the ‘90s. It is said that a Troll animated film is being made this decade.

This quirky writer-director’s popularity boosted in the 1990s upon the release of his film called Pulp Fiction.
Wes Craven
Spike Jones
Martin Scorsese
Quentin Tarantino
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Quentin Tarantino won the highest honor at the Cannes Film Festival in 1994 for Pulp Fiction.


The popularity of this musical band ushered in a new genre of music in the ‘90s called grunge.
Red Hot Chili Peppers
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Nirvana redefined the genre of music in the ‘90s until the untimely demise of their lead singer/composer, Kurt Cobain.

This video game console debuted in 1990 which introduced Super Mario to the world.
Super Manga Entertainment System
Super Sonic Entertainment System
Super Mario Entertainment System
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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The Super Nintendo ushered in an era called the “console wars” when it reached US shores.

This Steven Spielberg ‘90s film gave life to a popular book about dinosaurs being revived as entertainment features.
Lord of the Flies
Encino Man
Jurassic Park
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Jurassic Park was released in 1993, and three more film sequels followed through the years.


The acquittal of some American policemen caught on video beating up this man is said to lave led the LA riots that ensued in the ‘90s.
Terence White
Rodney King
Malcolm Jamal Warner
Kevin Arnold
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Though the 1991 issue was covered internationally, this kind of issue still persists in America today.

This series of young adult novellas by R.L. Stine became popular with young readers from 1992 to 1997.
Peculiar Children
Horror Tales
Ghost Stories
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Around 62 books were published under the original Goosebumps series, with many spinoff series published after.

This kind of sports-or-toy accessories were popular with outdoorsy people of the '90s.
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Rollerblading became a popular hobby in the ‘90s, with people preferring the one-line blade-like design of the wheels unlike in traditional skates.


This Comedy Central-produced animated sitcom of the ‘90s featured children, but it’s certainly for adults only, given the themes they show.
South of the Sea
South Korea
South Central
South Park
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The boys in South Park often use profanity or foul language, and the show's themes center on adult concerns such as racism, adultery, politics, and other social issues of the time.

This King of Pop released his Dangerous album in 1991, following the success of Bad.
Michael learns to rock
Michael Jackson
Michael Moore
Michael Macdonald
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Michael Jackson released two studio albums during the '90s.

This 3D animated film rocked the film industry during the ‘90s and paved the way for similar animation styles in the world of cinema.
Beauty and the Beast
Toy Story
A Bug's Life
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Toy Story made Pixar, the animation studio that specializes in 3D animation, a household name.


Initially released in 1999, this peer-to-peer file sharing online service revolutionized the way we acquire and share music in the digital era.
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Napster paved the way for the development of file sharing devices and businesses we commonly see today, only now it’s within legal means.

This trilogy film by the directing duo known then as the Wachowski Brothers upped the ante of how special visual effects could be executed in Hollywood.
The Fifth Element
The Matrix
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The first Matrix film came out in 1999.

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