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"The Brady Bunch" didn't so much have recurring characters as a constantly revolving door of one-episode guest stars. Test your knowledge of the minor characters of this classic show.

The actor who played the minister who marries Mike and Carol in the pilot also portrayed a minister in this '70s show.

Dabbs Greer was the Rev. Alden on "Little House on the Prairie."


What hobby do Alice and her boyfriend, Sam, enjoy?

Alice and Sam are on a bowling team together.


In the episode in which all the kids get the measles, the actors who played the doctors were better known for playing parents on these TV shows.

Marion Ross played Marion Cunningham on "Happy Days," and Herbert Anderson was Henry Mitchell on "Dennis the Menace."


What's the name of Mike's impossibly picky client who throws the whole family into a tizzy?

Beebe Gallini demands an absurd amount of Mike's time.


What has Gallini hired Mike to design?

She's a perfume heiress who has grand ideas for a new factory.


Who is Mike's boss?

Cindy gets tonsillitis just when the family is supposed to spend the day on Ed Phillips' boat.


In a season two episode, the daughters of Sherwood Schwartz, Florence Henderson and Robert Reed play …

The three girls play guests at Marcia's sleepover party.


Who's the unpopular girl whom Marcia decides to make over?

One of the first things Marcia does is trash Molly's glasses.


What's the name of the studly football player who ditches Marcia after Peter nails her in the nose with a football?

Doug Simpson proves to be not-so-cool when he blatantly bails on broken-nosed Marcia.


Who's the nerdy boy Marcia blows off in that episode, "The Subject Was Noses"?

Marcia originally tells Charley "something came up," but she thinks better of it later.


What subject does Greg's crush, Miss O'Hara, teach?

Miss O'Hara is a math teacher.


When Alan Anthony cancels on Marcia for a school dance, she is convinced this is the reason.

Marcia is devastated because Alan thinks she's ugly with braces, but turns out he gets braces too.


Through her friendship with this celebrity's maid, Alice hooks the celebrity up with Marcia.

Marcia has a raging crush on Desi Arnaz Jr., and Alice comes through.


What's the name of the fake boyfriend Jan invents to make her real crush, Clark Tyson, jealous?

Jan is so convincing that Mike and Carol want to invite George Glass to a party.


Why does Marcia go out with Warren Mullaney?

Marcia is annoyed because Greg forbids her to date Warren.


What song does Davy Jones sing on the show?

Jones is singing "Girl" in the recording studio when Marcia barges in.


What's the name of the girl Greg is on a date with when the convertible top rips?

Bobby horns in on Greg's date with Rachel and causes the convertible top to go haywire during a drive-in movie.


In season four, Greg dates a girl named Jennifer Nichols, who is dating him only because he's …

Greg and Marcia realize that Jennifer is angling to be head cheerleader, and Greg happens to be the judge.


Who plays the girl Greg picks to be head cheerleader?

Tom Hanks apparently saw Rita Wilson on this episode and thought she was cute.


When Marcia has a crush on her dentist, she's sure he's going to ask her out, but he really wants her to ...

Marcia dreams of being "Mrs. Marcia Dentist," but Dr. Vogel is just looking for a babysitter.


The actress who plays Millicent, who gives Bobby his first kiss, is best known for starring on this TV show.

Melissa Sue Anderson played Mary on "Little House on the Prairie."


What's the hobby of Marcia's first boyfriend, Harvey Klinger?

Harvey Klinger is a serious insect collector.


Bobby tells his classmates that he knows this famous football player.

To get out of the lie, Bobby pretends he's dying in order to win a contest to get Joe Namath in his house. Makes perfect sense.


This big-league pitcher gives Greg a compliment that sends his ego skyrocketing.

A couple of kind words from Don Drysdale and Greg think he's headed to the majors.


What's the name of the creepy old prospector who jails the kids on their trip to the Grand Canyon?

Jim Backus, who was Thurston Howell III on "Gilligan's Island," played Zaccariah T. Brown.


Who played the creepy old archaeologist who targeted the kids on their Hawaii vacation?

Vincent Price played Hubert Whitehead, who accused the Bradys of trying to steal his artifacts.


Greg's "friend" Tommy gets him into big trouble by falsely accusing him of doing what?

Tommy avoided trouble by telling his mom that Greg was a smoker.


Jan was terrified of becoming like Aunt …

Aunt Jenny looked just like Jan when she was little but turned out redheaded and more than a little weird.


What's the name of Alice's identical cousin who traumatizes the family with her military tactics?

Cousin Emma takes over for a vacationing Alice and really tries to whip the Bradys into shape.


Mike's brilliant strategy of dropping a briefcase in the courtroom foils this man's plan to win a lawsuit against Carol.

Harry Duggan wore a neck brace after a car accident with Carol, but Mike proved that the injury was fake.


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