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"The Brady Bunch" was canceled in 1974, but it certainly hasn't disappeared. Forty years later, reunion shows and appearances continue. How much do you know about Brady Bunch reunions?

What was the first Brady Bunch reunion show?

"The Brady Bunch Variety Hour" was a one-hour special that aired in 1976. Then "The Brady Hour" became an occasional special through 1977.


Which cast member was absent from "The Brady Bunch Hour"?

Eve Plumb (Jan) didn't want to commit to the long-term contract.


The rest of the cast was most surprised that this cast member agreed to the variety show.

Robert Reed had a long-running beef with the show's producers about the quality of "The Brady Bunch," so it was kind of shocking that he signed on for the variety show.


Who is Alice's love interest in "The Brady Hour"?

Sam the butcher is nowhere to be found, but Alice does flirt with the Bradys' wacky neighbor.


How many episodes of "The Brady Hour" aired?

Including the initial special, there were nine episodes.


Which '70s supercouple appears in an episode of "The Brady Hour"?

Majors and Fawcett showed up as themselves on an early episode of the show.


What was the second reunion show?

"The Brady Girls Get Married" aired in 1981 and spun into a series called "The Brady Brides."


Did all the cast members show up for this one?

"The Brady Girls Get Married" marked the only time every cast member appeared on a reunion show.


Which Brady girls get married in the show?

Marcia and Jan have a double wedding.


What's the name of Jan's snooty husband?

Phillip is a college professor.


What is Marcia's job on the show?

Marcia is a fashion designer.


How do the two couples end up on "The Newlywed Game"?

They wrangle an invitation to be on the show when Bob Eubanks shows up at their house with car trouble.


How many episodes did "The Brady Brides" last?

Ten episodes aired, including "The Brady Girls Get Married" series of episodes.


Which cast member was absent from 1988's "A Very Brady Christmas" TV movie?

The role of Cindy was the only one that was recast.


Why didn't Susan Olsen (Cindy) appear on the show?

Susan Olsen was on her honeymoon during filming.


In "A Very Brady Christmas," Carol and Mike both intend to give each other international vacations. Where does Carol want to go?

Carol dreams of vacationing with Mike in Greece.


Instead of buying extravagant vacations, what to Mike and Carol decide to do?

Of course, Mike and Carol bring the whole family home.


Several of the returning family members have secrets. What is Bobby's secret?

Bobby is afraid to tell the family he's been driving race cars.


What is Alice's secret?

Sam has left poor Alice — but fear not, he shows up in a Santa suit and begs her forgiveness.


At the end of the show, the family sings this Christmas carol as Mike emerges from the rubble of a collapsed building.

They sing "O Come, All Ye Faithful" as a nod to the show's first Christmas episode.


The success of the Christmas special led to a dramatic series in 1990 called "The Bradys." To which show did producer Lloyd Schwartz compare it?

Schwartz compared it to broody drama "thirtysomething."


On "The Bradys," some members of the family have fallen on hard times. What is Bobby's problem?

Bobby has continued his racing career, but an accident has left him paralyzed.


What's up with Marcia on "The Bradys"?

Maureen McCormick skipped the reunion because of the alcoholism storyline.


In 2010 a planned reunion on "The Today Show" was canceled, reportedly because of a rift between these two cast members.

The reunion was canceled because Eve Plumb apparently objected to appearing with Maureen McCormick.


Why did Plumb object to appearing with McCormick?

In McCormick's memoir, she said she had had a physical relationship with Plumb.


What did Barry Williams (Greg), Christopher Knight (Peter) and Susan Olsen do when they appeared together in 2013?

The three actors went to Kings Island amusement park in Ohio to celebrate the 40th anniversary of filming an episode there.


In 2014 several members of the cast appeared on this talk show.

Florence Henderson, Barry Williams, Christopher Knight, Mike Lookinland and Susan Olsen were on "The Talk" in 2014.


What were they celebrating on "The Talk"?

They were on the show for Henderson's 80th birthday.


What did Barry Williams reveal that he thought when he first met Florence Henderson?

To be more specific, Williams said he thought, "Oh, mama! We all know she is hot."


Who was the only surviving cast member who didn't participate in "The Talk" episode?

Davis and Plumb sent videos, but McCormick was absent.


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