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Brainstuff has a question for all you avid listeners: who's the ultimate BrainStuff podcast fan? Find out in this quiz from the BrainStuff podcast.

BrainStuff is hosted by ____________.

BrainStuff is hosted by Marshall Brain, the founder of


Who designed the QWERTY keyboard?

From the episode "How does a QWERTY keyboard work?"


What is the Strategic Petroleum Reserve?

From the episode "What is the Strategic Petroleum Reserve?"


The moon looks bigger near the horizon due to an effect called ___________.

While we know the moon doesn't actually change size, the way we perceive it does -- and no one's conclusively figured out how that works. From the episode "Why does the moon look so much bigger when it's near the horizon?"


The unpleasant odor of stinky feet is caused by _______.

From the episode "Why do feet stink?"


The substance ____ is often added to table salt.

From the episode "Why do they add iodine to salt?"


What causes high tides and low tides?

From the episode "What causes high tides and low tides?"


The Northern Lights are caused by ________.

From the episode "How do the Northern Lights work?"


Potato chips were invented by _________.

Potato chips were invented by George Crum in 1853. Yum.


Collagen makes up almost _______ of all the protein in the human body.

From the episode "What exactly is jello made from?"


The best place to sit in a movie theater is _______.

From the episode "Where's the best place to sit in a movie theater?"


What is a vactrain?

From the episode "What is a vactrain?"


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