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Over time, we have seen some classic movies that involved truck drivers. Those truckers may not act like regular ones would do, but it's all about the drama and doing well at the box office. Regardless, we have all fallen in love with some of these legendary truckers, and now it is time for you to see if you can answer these questions right.

Can you imagine a world where Smokey or Bandit didn't exist? Yeah, we'll give you a second to think about that one. We can't think of life feeling complete without seeing Sylvester Stallone in "Over the Top" and trying to win that arm wrestling championship, but also the love of his son. Don't knock it; you know that movie made you cry. Or was it just us?

Anyway, we are going to test your knowledge of "Smokey and the Bandit" and "Over the Top," but we'll mix in some scary movies too, like "Joy Ride," for example. You don't want to mess with the wrong trucker and his CB radio. So, keep calm and keep on truckin' through this quiz to make it to the end!

Which 1978 movie featured Clint Eastwood as a trucker, who just happened to be hanging out with his pet orangutan Clyde?

Clint Eastwood starred as Philio Beddoe, who was a trucker turned prizefighter. In this comedy, Beddoe also happened to have a strange driving partner, his orangutan named Clyde.


This may be the most popular trucker movie of all time, as it stars Burt Reynolds and made CB radios cool. Which 1977 movie is it?

"Smokey and the Bandit" was the second highest grossing movie of 1977, so it did extremely well at the box office. The highest grossing movie of the year happened to be "Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope."


Clayton Pfanner is about to lose it all, but then agrees to haul a load of stolen cattle with his buddy in which 1978 movie?

James Brolin starred as Clayton and Rip Torn was cast as his buddy. They drive cross-country and cross picket lines to deliver the stolen cattle.


A practical joke on a CB radio turns bad for two brothers, as Rusty Nail starts hunting them down when they pretended to be Candy Cane in what 2001 movie starring Paul Walker?

When Fuller (Steve Zahn) tries to pull a practical joke on Rusty Nail, it turns out he pulled it on a psychotic murderer. Now the brothers have to try and escape this truck driver, as he hunts them down on the highway.


An ancient sorcerer must be defeated in Chinatown, and Kurt Russell is the man to do in what movie?

"Big Trouble in Little China" is directed by John Carpenter and stars Kurt Russell as Jack Burton, a trucker who has to go on a rampage to save his friend's fiance from Chinatown in San Francisco. It's a centuries-old mystical battle that he has to put an end to.


This 1978 Canadian action comedy starred Jerry Reed and Peter Fonda and was described as "a modern-day western, with trucks instead of horses," but what movie is it?

"High Ballin'" gave us a look into the lives of two truck drivers that had to fight off other truckers that were hired to drive them out of business. It's an over-the-top film, but the action scenes are pretty stellar, especially for a 1970's trucker movie.


John Wayne starring in a movie that wasn't a western happened in 1937, and it was about a race between trucks and a train. What was this movie called?

"California Straight Ahead!" starred John Wayne, as he led a caravan of trucks in a race against a freight train to win a million-dollar contract. The fastest to deliver plane parts to the West Coast would win.


Kurt Russell starred in this 1997 thriller in which his Jeep malfunctions in the middle of the desert, after having a run-in with a trucker. His wife goes missing, and he's on the hunt to find her in what movie?

Jeff (Kurt Russell) and Amy (Kathleen Quinlan) were just trying to travel the country in their new Jeep, but after almost hitting a beat-up truck, things went bad. It ends positively, though, as the big rig is used to kill the man trying to take Amy.


In this 1980 trucker comedy where he starts falling in love with an escaped mental patient, Robert Blake made history, as he was nominated for Worst Actor at the first-ever Golden Raspberry Awards. What movie was it?

This was one of Robert Blake's final movies, as he starred as a trucker who picked up an escaped mental patient (Dyan Cannon) along his route. While he planned on turning her in for a reward, he starts falling for her along the drive.


This 1979 chick truck flick featured Annie Potts and Kim Darby trying to make the cash to pay for the rates for Kim's wounded husband's truck. Which comedy was this?

Kim Darby played Sweetiepie, whose husband was wounded in a shootout. They had to pay the rates for her husband's Mack truck, so she joined forces with Flatbed Annie, played by Annie Potts, to make that money before C.W. Douglas confiscated the truck.


It's always a good idea to get mad at your comic boyfriend in a trucker bar, so you accept a ride from a random trucker to get out of town, right? That's what Kristin Davis thought in which 2000 movie?

David (Lochlyn Munro) is a comedian and gets a three-night gig at a trucker's bar, but Sylvia (Kristin Davis) doesn't seem too thrilled about it, and she leaves him and takes a ride from Jack (Meat Loaf). It turns out Jack may be a serial killer of young women!


This 2008 independent drama film starred Michelle Monaghan as a long-haul truck driver whose 10-year-old son is sent to stay with her while her ex-husband battles cancer treatment. What is the name of the movie?

Diane Ford (Michelle Monaghan) isn't the best of people, as she has one night stands and drinks vodka with her married neighbor. Her life is flipped upside down when her ex-husband (Benjamin Bratt) sends their son to live with her.


Which movie has Sylvester Stallone as a truck driver and an arm wrestler?

In "Over the Top," we get to see Stallone play Lincoln Hawk, who enters a world arm wrestling championship in Las Vegas. He does this hoping to win the $100,000 prize and buy himself a new semi-truck to start his own business and win the love of his son back.


A driverless road train in Australia threatens a group of teenagers, who are just trying to stay alive in which 2010 movie?

This movie was originally called "Road Train" in Australia, but the U.S. version changed it to "Road Kill." It stars Bob Morley, Sophie Lowe and Georgina Haig, who are trying to avoid death from a driverless road train that has a mind of its own and is fueled by evil.


This 1986 movie was written and directed by Stephen King and starred Emilio Estevez, as machines came to life, and people had to fight murderous semis, but what was it called?

In "Maximum Overdrive," a comet causes a radiation storm to take over Earth. This is what makes machines come alive, including the big rigs at a North Carolina truck stop.


This 1986 action-thriller film gained a cult following after being shown on cable TV channels and features a scene where an 18-wheeler jumps over a train. What movie is it?

Charlie Morrison (Forrest Tucker) is just trying to transport some plutonium from Nevada to Arizona. However, it looks like some terrorists want to steal that cargo in the truck.


A boy is sent to prison after being set up in a drug deal, but his father agrees to help the DEA by going undercover in which 2013 movie?

The father in "Snitch" is played by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. It tells the story of how far a father will go to protect his son.


The first movie was so good, a sequel had to be made, and Burt Reynolds, Sally Field, Jerry Reed, Jackie Gleason and Dom DeLuise all agreed, but what was it called?

For the sequel, Bandit and Snowman were put to the task of transporting an elephant to the GOP National Convention. Of course, Sheriff Buford T. Justice was in hot pursuit of them once again.


Brothers run a failing trucking business in California, but the death of an acquaintance may change their lives in which movie?

This movie from 1940 told the story of two brothers running a trucking business in California but struggling to compete against corrupt competitors. After seeing the death of a mutual acquaintance, they vow to make their business pay.


A truck driver tries to track down a serial killer on the desolate highways in Australia in which 1981 thriller?

Stacy Keach starred as a truck driver who tracks down a serial killer that is picking up women hitchhikers and dismembering their bodies. With the help of a hitchhiker (Jamie Lee Curtis), he goes on a hunt for the killer.


Mel Gibson tries to drive an oil truck through a band of post-apocalyptic bandits in Australia in which 1981 movie?

This movie was released as "The Road Warrior," but many refer to it as "Mad Max 2" now. This was the second instalment in the "Mad Max" series of movies.


This was Steven Spielberg's full-length film directing debut, and it featured a businessman who was attacked on the side of the road by a lunatic truck driver who we never even see in the movie! What movie is it?

Dennis Weaver plays David Mann, the businessman that got attacked by a driver we never see. As "Duel" goes on, it's all about Mann getting away from this driver and the truck almost becomes the villain.


Jack Crews just got out of prison for hitting and killing someone with his vehicle. However, his family is about to lose their home, so he agrees to a delivery "off the books" in which movie?

Patrick Swayze plays Jack Crews, who agrees to drive a truck back from Atlanta after being released from prison. It turns out the truck is loaded with illegal artillery and Red, played by Meat Loaf, wants to hijack it, but Earl (Randy Travis) helps save the day for Crews and his family.


Morgan Fairchild plays a terrorist trying to hijack a truck carrying plutonium in which 1984 TV movie?

Besides Morgan Fairchild, "Time Bomb" also starred Billie Dee Williams. Fairchild played Renee DeSalles, who lead a gang of terrorists in trying to hijack this truck.


In this 1953 French-Italian thriller, four European truckers are hired to deliver nitroglycerin across the mountains of America. It does not end well for these truckers, but what is the name of the movie?

"The Wages of Fear" starred French-Italian singer/actor Yves Montand, as he portrayed one of the four truckers hired to transport the nitroglycerin. He would be the last trucker standing, and it looked good for him, but maybe not so much!


Elegant John has a terminal illness and is in the hospital, but that doesn't stop him from breaking out and stealing his truck that was repossessed for one last perfect road trip across the country. Can you name the movie?

Elegant John was played by Henry Fonda, who also happened to pick up six prostitutes on the cross-country trip, which was a favor to his friend Madam Penelope, played by Eileen Brennan. We also got to see Susan Sarandon in this movie.


This 1997 TV horror film is based on a short story by Stephen King, as the trucks are coming to life in a small town in America. What is this movie?

The residents of this small town were living a pretty peaceful life until the trucks mysteriously started coming to life. These trucks become violent and begin destroying homes and killing people, so the townspeople have to figure out a way to stop them.


This 2007 documentary follows the life and culture of truckers. What is its name?

"Big Rig" takes a look at the culture of truck drivers in America, as it interviews different drivers. This documentary remains a huge hit among the trucking community.


This 2003 movie is a pretty gruesome French horror film that has a truck-driving killer targeting this college student and her friend's family, but what is it called?

This movie was so horrific and gory, it ended up getting an NC-17 rating. They edited it down for the American version to get an R rating, but it ended up only grossing $3.6 million.


Rusty Nail is back in this sequel to the 2001 hit, but this time he's chasing four friends in the desert. What is this 2008 movie called?

"Joy Ride 2" starred Nicki Aycox, Nick Zano, Kyle Schmid, Laura Jordan and Mark Gibbon. This was a direct-to-video release in October 2008, but it was enough of a demand to allow a third Joy Ride to be made in 2014.


Truckers battle a Nazi who is hiding out in Mexico in which 1970 movie?

"Moonfire" starred Richard Egan, Charles Napier and former World Heavyweight Champion boxer, Sonny Liston. While the plot was about battling the Nazi, there also was a storyline about the disappearance of a reclusive billionaire.


Which TV movie showed us two truck drivers hired to transport cargo from New York to Houston, but soon having to evade attempts by a terrorist group to steal the cargo?

This movie originally aired on ABC in 1973. Two truck drivers are very desperate and agree to ship cargo for $6,000, but that cargo happens to be wanted by another group of men who are willing to kill for it!


Not your typical trucker movie, but it did come out in 1942 after all. Which movie starred Joan Crawford as a trucking company executive who happens to be running the company pretty poorly?

Carole Lombard was originally supposed to play the role of Margaret Drew, but she ended up being killed in a plane crash on her way back to Vegas. MGM allowed Joan Crawford to star in the role instead, but she did not get rave reviews from critics.


Corruption in the trucking business? That is what happened to Carrol Jo Hummer in this 1975 classic, and he tried to fight it, but what was the movie called?

Jan Michael Vincent played Carrol Jo Hummer, who just returned home from a two-year tour in Vietnam and married his sweetheart and bought a truck to start a long-haul career. He tries to work for the same company his dad did, but finds out there is corruption and gets blackballed by the owner for trying to report it.


It wasn't a box office hit, but this 1978 movie became a cult classic among truckers, as it starred Kris Kristofferson. Can you name it?

"Smokey and the Bandit" was a hit, so they tried for another hit a year later with "Convoy," and it ended up being a big dud. Kris Kristofferson played Martin “Rubber Duck” Penwald, but the hype died down by the time this movie came out.


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