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A guide to bathroom design can help improve your home and your family's comfort. Take a quiz about this guide to bathroom design and see what you know.

Before signing a contract, how can you find out if there are unresolved complaints again your bathroom contractor?

To learn if your contractor has any unresolved complaints, check with your state attorney general's office and the local Better Business Bureau.


What is an inexpensive way to make a bathroom appear larger?

Some color combinations and textures can give the illusion of more space. Painting is an inexpensive way to make your bathroom seem larger.


What should you do before remodeling a bathroom?

You need to carefully consider the needs of every family member. Discuss with your family what needs to be changed in the current bathroom.


Where can you get new bathroom ideas?

Magazines and home decorating books are great sources for inspiration. You may want to keep a scrapbook of ideas.


Whose name should be on the necessary building permits?

Licensed professionals must obtain the proper permits and complete the work according to current building codes. The person whose name is on the permit will be responsible for any work that is not up to code.


Where can I go to look at bathroom ideas?

Bathroom design centers and home improvement stores usually have bathrooms on display. Model homes are another place to look at current bathroom designs.


What is a natural way to brighten your bathroom?

Natural light, from an added window, can brighten your bathroom.


If you don't want all the mess and expense of remodeling, what is a more simple and inexpensive way to smarten up your bathroom?

Redecorating with wall coverings, faux treatments and new window treatments can create a new look for your bathroom.


What are the options for homeowners who want bathroom fixtures with a vintage look, but modern performance?

You can find an ample supply of vintage-styled fixtures with modern performance capabilities.


Pre-World War II homes in the U.S. have an abundance of:

Pre-World War II homes were designed with many small bedrooms. A good idea may be to use one of the small bedrooms for a new bathroom space.


If you have plans to resell your home, what is the best color scheme for the bathroom?

Neutral colors appeal to the majority of buyers. Stay neutral with your choice of cabinets, tile and counters. Save the color for the accessories.


To save money on the labor costs of bathroom remodeling, what are some tasks you could do yourself?

Removing wallpaper, pulling up old vinyl flooring and removing plumbing fixtures are all jobs you can do yourself.


A good safety feature to have in the shower or bathtub is a:

A grab bar is an important safety feature in a shower or bathtub. Make sure the wall has been reinforced before installing the grab bar.


What should you do before removing any plumbing fixtures?

Make sure to turn the water off before making any changes to plumbing fixtures.


What is an affordable alternative to get the look and feel of expensive marble slab counters.

For less cost than marble slab, install marble tiles to get the look and feel of marble slab.


How can you cover up the markings on low-cost wood cabinets?

Instead of staining, disguise the noticeable grain markings of low-cost wood cabinets by painting.


How can you get the look of professional hand painted wall scenes?

Wall stencils are available at craft, hobby and paint stores. If the results are a disappointment you can wallpaper or paint over the disaster.


How much of the cost of your bathroom upgrades can you hope to recover when selling your home?

If your upgrades are appropriate, you can hope to recover 70% to 90% or more of their cost.


How much should you spend on a bathroom improvement?

Some experts say not to go above 10% of your home's current market value.


Why shouldn't you install a red counter top in your bathroom?

Styles and tastes may change. It's best to stay with neutral colors choices for the installed items in your bathroom.


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