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You might want to breathe some life into your workday kitchen, but not know how. Take this quiz to discover how to breathe life into your kitchen.

What is the first step you should take before you redecorate your kitchen?

If you're going to make improvements to your kitchen you should first decide on a motif. That way things will have a unified look.


Which of these best describes an Italian Countryside motif?

The rustic charm of an Italian kitchen can give your home a pleasant, lived-in feel.


Which colors would you associate with the Italian Countryside look?

The Italian Countryside motif is known for its deep colors and soft light. Try red, orange, and brass.


What kinds of materials would go best with an Italian Countryside theme?

Copper and brass, along with antique woods, are the hallmarks of an Italian kitchen.


Which of these decorations should you use to put the finishing touch on your Italian kitchen theme.

Woven baskets are a tradition in Italy. The Italians use them to carry and protect fruit, meats, and even wine bottles.


If you're going to go retro, what colors should you use?

The classic kitchen style uses candy colors and checker board patterns. Even pink will work with this theme.


You should look for retro style kitchen furniture in which materials?

Back in the day, kitchen furniture was made of chrome and vinyl. Think back to the malt shops of the 1950s, even of you've only seen them in the movies.


What might you use to decorate the walls of a retro-style kitchen?

Posters, especially movie posters, used to be very popular kitchen decorations. Try framing a poster with a classic frame from Casablanca to add a touch of the silver screen to your new favorite room.


Retro style canisters were made of which of these materials?

Enamel canisters are strong and inexpensive. Try finding ones that have already been labeled for sugar, salt, and flour.


Which of these kitchen themes is also very popular?

If you're not interested in Italian or retro you might want to try a fruit theme. It's a bright, colorful theme that can be easily modified for the season.


If you're going with a fruit theme you might use which of these for storage?

There was a time when certain fruit were stored and sold in glass jars. If you can locate one of these jars it will really add something special to the kitchen.


How should you display your cooking oils to add beauty to your kitchen?

By storing your oils in glass bottles you can enjoy their beauty as well as their flavor. There are even specially designed oil bottles with spouts for easy pouring.


Which of these should you use to store pasta?

These days you can find vacuum sealed plastic containers for pasta. Try finding multi-colored pasta to add some color and fun to your kitchen.


How might you decorate your windowsill?

A small herb garden can be attached to your windowsill. It will not only look and smell great, but you can use the herbs when you cook.


What are the functions of a multi-purpose chair?

A multi-purpose chair is both a chair and a short step ladder. You can find them in many furniture stores, but if you really want to have some fun you should try making one yourself.


How might you decorate an old and worn out fridge?

Why replace a functional fridge? By covering your old fridge with wall paper you can hide its flaws.


How should you display your plate collections?

By mounting your plate collection along a wall you can enjoy them daily, rather than let them collect dust in a cabinet.


How might you repaint your cabinets to add some life to your kitchen?

You don't have to paint your cabinets in solid colors. Stripes or polka dots can add character to your kitchen.


Where should you go to purchase pegboard?

You can decorate a section of your kitchen with a nicely painted pegboard. Pick one up at your local home improvements store.


Which of these can you use to inexpensively update your kitchen table and chairs?

Use stencils and paint to draw various designs onto your kitchen table and chairs. That way you can update your furniture without spending too much.


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