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Want to plan an unforgettable bridal shower? Take this bridal shower planning quiz to see if you have what it takes to plan an event that the bride will never forget.

True or false: As the host of the shower, you get to create the guest list.

You may be putting it together, but it's the bride's party, so she's the one who gets to create the guest list.


How far in advance should you send bridal shower invitations?

Common etiquette says you should send shower invitations four to six weeks in advance.


Which of the following is NOT an appropriate location for a wedding shower?

The last thing you want to do is have the bride host her own shower. Be sure to hold the shower elsewhere, such as the host's home or a local restaurant or tea room.


True or false: The first bridal showers were thrown for rich socialites who wanted more gifts.

Bridal showers originated as way for communities to help poor women who had no dowry. The couple's friends, family members and neighbors would shower them with gifts to help them start their new life together.


What's one of the first things you need to do when planning a bridal shower?

Creating a budget is one of the first things you need to do to make sure you're on track with your spending for the shower.


Which of the following is the best day to host a bridal shower?

Usually a Saturday or Sunday is the best day to host a shower, as the largest number of guests will be able to attend on the weekend.


Which of the following is NOT a way to help the bride during the shower?

The bride shouldn’t have to do anything at this party! As the host, you should be involved in every aspect of the shower and try to take care of everything for her. This includes keeping track of who gave her which gifts as well as helping her take everything to the car when it's all over!


Which of the following is NOT a bridal shower game?

Bridal Bingo and Toilet Paper Dress are both very common bridal shower games. Bash the Bride? Now, why would anyone want to do that?


True or false: You don't have to include the bride's registries on the shower invitation.

Always be sure to include the bride's registries on the invitation so that the guests know where to shop for gifts.


Who most commonly plans bridal showers?

The maid of honor or a bridesmaid usually plans the bridal shower. The mother of the bride or the bride's mother-in-law may also choose to throw a bridal shower.


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