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Going on a family vacation with young kids can be absolutely exhausting. For many families, the notion of bringing a nanny along can seem very appealing. Is it a good idea, though?

Which of these benefits might justify bringing a nanny along on vacation?

Employing a nanny to accompany you on vacation will add a tremendous amount of flexibility to your trip. A romantic evening with your loved one is now a viable option.


With which of these developmental phases can a nanny really help a young child on vacation?

When children are potty training they need constant supervision. Having a nanny to tend to your child-in-training can be a huge help.


Which of these statements best describes a shared vacation?

Some families bring their nanny along for their vacation without expecting the nanny to work, or schedule a vacation at the same time as their nanny's. It might not help you during your vacation, but it does ensure that your nanny won't take a vacation at a time when you absolutely must have childcare.


Approximately how many childcare workers are currently employed in the U.S.?

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that there were about 1.3 million childcare workers in the U.S. as of 2008.


What percentage of U.S. childcare providers are self-employed?

Around one third of all U.S. childcare providers are self-employed, which makes them more readily available for vacations with the family.


Where do most self-employed nannies care for kids?

Of the childcare providers that are self-employed, most provide care in their own home.


Which of these is a disadvantage of bringing a nanny on vacation with you?

Although bringing the nanny along on vacation can be very convenient, it will increase your expenses; you will be paying for both the nanny's expenses and the nanny's time.


Why do children with special needs greatly benefit from having a nanny while on vacation?

Many special needs children thrive on stability. A vacation is a destabilizing occasion, and the presence of a well-trained and familiar nanny can be a great comfort to the child.


Before the vacation you and the nanny should do which of these?

It is very important that you and the nanny discuss your expectations for the trip. You want to make sure that expenses, responsibilities, and compensation have all been clearly detailed.


One way to save on childcare costs during a vacation is to do which of these?

You don't have to bring your regular nanny on vacation. There are childcare agencies that can provide you the name of a local nanny.


One of the advantages of hiring a local nanny is which of these?

By hiring a local nanny you will save money on travel expenses. The local nanny will also likely have a better idea of what sorts of children's activities there are in the area .


Which of these things should you require of any nanny you hire?

Many states have laws requiring childcare providers to undergo screening and background checks, and to be licensed. Never put your child in the care of someone you're not certain you can trust.


It is critical, when brining a nanny on vacation, that you keep in mind which of these facts?

A nanny is providing a service for a fee; the nanny is not on vacation. It's important to keep in mind that the nanny has a job to do, and that it is your responsibility to facilitate the nanny's needs, just as you would at home.


If you are going to bring your regular nanny along, you might consider which of these money-saving tips?

By renting a vacation house, buying groceries, and enjoying a more home-like atmosphere, you might save a significant sum of money. Your child might also prefer the feeling of a home to that of a fancy hotel.


Which of these methods best ensures that you and your nanny will both understand the vacation and work arrangements?

When planning a vacation with your nanny, it is wise to document your agreement in writing.


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