Quiz: British or Japanese: How Many Cars Can You Identify?
British or Japanese: How Many Cars Can You Identify?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: Pixabay / Pexels

About This Quiz

There is no doubt that both the British and Japanese are capable of producing some incredible cars and have done so over the decades.

The British in particular, are known for their sophisticated designs, open top tourers and luxury models. We are talking about the MG's and  Triumphs here. Of course, they don't shy away from the occasional sports car with Aston Martin being the go-to brand when it comes to sophistication, luxury and speed all rolled into one. And if you see yourself as royalty, well then just like the Queen of England, look no further than Rolls Royce, the epitome of luxury.

And the Japanese? Well, they make just about any type of car there is, including their legendary Kei cars or small city cars. Brands like Toyota, Honda and Nissan have branched out all over the world, selling their models in the United States as well.

Both British and Japanese vehicles will provide you with just the car you are looking for. But onto the task at hand, then. Would you be able to tell if a vehicle is British or Japanese just by looking at it?

Let's see how you fare in this tricky car identification quiz.

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Did this vehicle originate in Britain or Japan?
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Extremely popular in the United States with sales of over 300,000 units per year, is this car British or Japanese?
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Stately then and still stately now, which nation was responsible for this vehicle?
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Which nation is responsible for this stunning sports car?
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Is this six-wheel Formula 1 racer of a British or Japanese origin?
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This vehicle has been marketed around the world, sometimes as the Cosmo. Where is it from?
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In this image we have a popular rear-wheel drive roadster. Is it British or Japanese?
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Which nation produced the best-selling electric car in the world, pictured here?
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In this image is a popular off-roader. Is it British or Japanese in origin?
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What country is responsible for the sedan pictured here?
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Recently, a car such as this sold for $21.7 million. Is it British or Japanese in origin?
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James Bond loved it and so do we. But is it British or Japanese?
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A model first introduced in 1981 and still going strong, do you know if this is a British or Japanese model?
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Surely you know who is responsible for this motoring classic?
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It costs around $1.4 million but can reach the 200 mph mark. Is it British or Japanese?
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This car from the 1930s is beautiful; of that, there is no doubt. Did it originate in Britain or Japan?
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Is this compact sports hybrid of Japanese or British design?
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First introduced in 1983, this vehicle is instantly recognizable. Who is responsible for its design?
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Good looks and high-performance without breaking the bank, that's what the car in this image provides. Where did it originate?
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Can you tell us if this off-roader is of British or Japanese origin?
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Very similar to the Ford Explorer, where did this vehicle come from?
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This vehicle was first made in the 1970s and received a V8 motor in the 1990s. Is it Japanese or British?
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Is this old car of British or Japanese origin?
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The nimble sports sedan pictured here hails from either Britain or Japan. Which do you think it is?
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Modern sports cars do not get better than this. Is it British or Japanese?
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900 brake horsepower! That's a lot of grunt. Who is responsible for this behemoth?
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Originally found in the supermini class, is this vehicle from Japan or Britain?
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Where do you think this pickup orginated?
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Can you tell us of the options below, who is responsible for this SUV?
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Not many models of this vehicle were made. Do you know if it is British or Japanese in origin?
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The vehicle pictured here was a popular import in the United States in the 1950s and 1960s. Is it British or Japanese?
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This vehicle has not one but two V6 engines. Where do you think it comes from?
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Do you think this off-roader is British? Or maybe it's actually Japanese? You decide!
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What a cute mini SUV! Do you know where it originated?
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Is this hybrid sports car of Japanese or British origin?
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