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We spend a good part of our lives in the bedroom, so why not make that space somewhere you really want to be? Think you're a savvy, budget bedroom decorator? Test your knowledge with our quiz!

If you're planning to revamp your old bedroom curtains by dyeing them a new color, which of these can you use?

Food-based dyes are healthier than chemical ones, and lots of deeply-colored herbs, fruits, and veggies work great to dye fabric naturally.


What's the best way to paint a room?

Bribe some friends with pizza and beer and have a painting party. It’s much faster than doing it by yourself and cheaper than hiring a professional painter.


Which of these makes the best cheap drop cloth for painting?

Large towels are the perfect size for a drop cloth, if you're painting in sections, and they won't tear like paper or allow paint to pool like plastic. Use three or four towels.


What sort of tape is best when you're painting?

The green tape costs a bit more, but you'll save yourself time and touch-ups by shelling out for higher quality tape.


True or false: You need a sewing machine to make a set of curtains.

You can use Stitch Witchery, a permanent iron-on adhesive, to hem curtains with no sewing at all.


Where can you find the best bargains on bedroom furniture?

Second-hand furniture might need a coat of paint, some recovering, or a polish, but the price is right! Get to the thrift store and save some money.


When you're painting a second-hand piece of furniture, what's the most important first step?

Sanding before you paint will make sure that your beautiful paint job doesn't peel and flake over time.


How many piles should you make when cleaning out your closet?

You need a pile for keeps (even if what you're keeping is going into a different room), a pile for trash, and a pile for donations.


After you clean out your closet and dresser, how can you make sure it stays uncluttered?

Because it will be easy to see what you already have in your well-organized closet and dresser, you'll be less likely to accidentally buy duplicate garments.


True or false: Custom wall art is too expensive.

Sure, store-bought art can get pricey, but with some stencils, and paint, you can whip up your own custom wall art on the cheap.


When making custom art for your bedroom, what's important to keep in mind?

Don't stress out about perfection or go for something that's too matchy – have fun with it! As long as the piece is the right size for your space, it's OK to experiment with colors and shapes.


What is a wall decal?

If your landlord won't let you paint, you can spruce up your room with a removable wall decal. They come in all sorts of colors and designs, and you can even make your own.


What can you do with faded bedsheets?

Sure, new sheets are fun, but you can make your bedroom over by giving your old sheets a new splash of color with fabric dye! Obviously lighter colored sheets work best for this.


If you can't find furniture you like at the thrift store, where else can you hunt for good cheap bedroom furniture?

The as-is section is often a treasure trove of bargains that just have tiny dings or nicks. Low-end stores will have cheap furniture but they won’t last long.


What is an accent wall?

If painting the whole room seems overwhelming, add a splash of color to the bedroom by painting a single “accent” wall in a color that really pops.


What is an “heirloom piece?”

It may cost more up front to drop more on a nice nightstand or dresser, but you'll save money over time by not having to replace it over and over.


Which of these wall colors is best in a bedroom?

The bedroom is supposed to be a tranquil place, and blue is the most soothing color on this list.


Which of these is a bedroom decorating faux pas?

White curtains look very sweet, but they also let in daylight, which is a problem if you're trying to sleep in on the weekends.


How much does an average person sleep each day?

The average person sleeps for 8.3 hours every day. That's a lot of time to spend in one room!


What's a good color for your bedroom curtains?

Red is an energetic color, and pale curtains are going to let through too much daylight. Opt for soothing curtains that are dark enough to keep light out, so that you can snooze in peace!


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