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Everybody deserves a good vacation every now and then, but how can you get away when your bottom line looks beleaguered? See if you have what it takes to plan a vacation on a dime with this budget travel quiz.

A six-night vacation for a family of four costs about how much?

The vacation will run about $3,000 -- not including food and tourist attractions.


A trip to Walt Disney World costs about how much per day for a four-person family?

Walt Disney World hotel, theme park admission and food for a four-person family adds up to about $500 per day.


Steering clear of tourism hot spots typically can save up to how much on a family vacation?

Kiplinger claims that traveling to unconventional destinations can add up to 70 percent in savings.


What's the general age limit for children to fly free?

Many airlines allow children 2 years old and under to fly free, sitting in a parent or guardian's lap. Before booking tickets, though, travelers should confirm the policy with the airline.


Which of the following is the most common way travelers cut costs?

According to a 2010 American Express survey, driving instead of flying is the most common way vacationers intend to cut costs.


True or false: Summer is the most expensive season to travel.

While summer is often peak vacation season in the United States, that isn't always the case, especially in tropical destinations. For instance, heading South of the border is typically more expensive during the winter months than in the heat of the summer.


True or false: Motel stays cost less than hotel lodging.

Typically, motel accommodations cost less than hotels in the same city. However, motels in expensive areas can cost as much as luxury hotels in lesser-travelled locales.


Which type of travel accommodations came first in the United States?

Hotels preceded motels, which sprang up in the mid-1920s with the rise of the car, and bed and breakfasts have only been around the United States since the 1960s.


A month-long rental of Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands, owned by Sir Richard Branson, costs about how much?

Branson's Necker Island ranks as one of the most expensive destinations on the planet, costing about $1.4 million to rent it out for a month. At least it comes with 200 flamingos.


True or false: Hidden fees are more common at luxury hotels, compared to lower and mid-priced hotels.

Indeed, three- and four-star hotels that offer discounted up-front room rates are more likely to charge for amenities such as wireless Internet at the end of your stay.


How many people does the U.S. tourism industry employ?

Tourism actually puts money in many Americans' pockets. The countrywide tourism industry employs 7.7 million American adults.


How much did the U.S. tourism industry earn in the second quarter (April - June) of 2011 alone?

Tourism is big business in the U.S. and abroad, raking in $1.2 trillion in the 2011 second quarter, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce.


What's the most popular vacation destination in the world?

Say <i>'bonjour'</i> to Paris, the world's most popular getaway spot. With an eye on airfare sales, even budget-minded travelers can make it to France without breaking the bank.


What's the cheapest day of the week to fly?

If you're looking for a bargain flight, clear your calendar for a Wednesday morning. Analysis from determined that to be the thriftiest time to fly.


What's the cheapest day of the week to purchase a plane ticket?

For a rock bottom ticket, book your flight on a Tuesday at 3 p.m. -- that's statistically the cheapest possible time to buy.


In 1950, how much did daily travel, food and lodging cost a family of four?

Back in the good ol' days, a family of four spent a mere $13 per day on vacation staples, according to AAA, which has tracked vacation expenses among American families since 1950.


In 2010, what percentage of American families planned to take a summer vacation?

A survey from TripAdvisor found that 92 percent of American families intended to hit the road (or plane, or cruise ship) in the summer of 2010.


Which of the following outdoor attractions offers the lowest admission fee?

California's Yosemite costs a mere $20 per vehicle to enter. The Grand Canyon and Yellowstone don't cost an arm and a leg, either; both charge just $5 more.


Which city booked the highest number of hotel rooms during the summer of 2010?

Beating out Orlando and Walt Disney World, Chicago was America's top city to visit during the summer of 2010, according to hotel industry data.


For travel within the United States and Europe, which is the bargain month to go?

Early fall is one of the cheapest seasons to get out of town. September and October are especially low-priced periods to head to Europe, too.


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