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Joss Whedon's groundbreaking TV series peered into the hearts of monsters and teenagers and found … well, that they have a lot in common. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

Who founded Sunnydale?

Mayor Wilkins founded the town in the 1800s, intentionally choosing the location of a Hellmouth.


What is the name of the demon Mayor Wilkins turns into during his Ascension?

Immortality wasn't enough for Wilkins — he also wanted to become the living embodiment of the demon Olvikan.


What is Buffy's mom's name?

Buffy's mom is Joyce Summers.


At what teen nightclub do the characters usually hang out?

Everyone goes dancing (or moping) at the Bronze.


What role did "Three's Company" star John Ritter play in a "Buffy" episode?

Ritter played Ted, a robot seeking a human to live with him in his underground bunker.


What is the title of the famous musical episode?

The demon repeatedly exhorts the characters to sing "Once More, With Feeling!"


What kind of demon is Anya?

Anya (aka Anyanka) was a vengeance demon before being made human (again, since she was a human before being a demon).


What was Giles' nickname when he was a young man?

The rebellious Rupert Giles was known as Ripper to his friends.


Why does the first season of "Buffy" have fewer episodes than all the other seasons?

"Buffy" replaced a canceled show in the middle of the season, so it only has about half as many episodes as other seasons.


When does Xander propose to Anya?

Xander pops the question while the Scooby gang is prepping for the battle against Glory.


What does the Scooby gang call the major villains they face, a term which has been adopted into pop culture since then?

The average vamps and demons are minor threats; behind it all is always a big bad with a plan.


What is the name of the first Slayer that Buffy meets?

Kendra is "activated" when Buffy briefly dies at the end of season one.


Who kills Kendra?

Drusilla kills Kendra during the battle against the demon Acathla.


Janna of Clan Kalderash is better known by another name. What is it?

Popular computer science teacher Jenny Calendar was actually a member of the Gypsy Clan Kalderash.


What is notable about the episode "Hush"?

The Gentlemen steal the power of speech, so most of the episode has no spoken dialogue.


What does the Ritual of Restoration do?

The Ritual of Restoration gives a vampire a soul. It was only ever used on Angel.


How does Angel lose his soul?

A moment of pure happiness (in this case, having sex with Buffy) tears Angel's soul away.


Who performs the Ritual of Restoration to give Angel his soul back?

Willow eventually completes the ritual, a major step in her becoming a powerful magic user.


What is Buffy's little sister's name?

Buffy's sister is named Dawn.


Why does everyone accept Dawn's presence as if she's always been there, even though she doesn’t appear and is never mentioned until season five?

Dawn is the Key, energy that can destroy barriers between dimensions, and her creators give everyone false memories so she'll be protected.


What is Glory's full name?

Glory is a demon named Glorificus.


How is Glory's plan to open the doors to all dimensions stopped?

Dawn is ready to sacrifice herself to close the portals, but Buffy gives her own life to do it instead.


What legendary monster does Buffy face in the fifth season?

Buffy battles and defeats Dracula. He wasn't even that season's big bad!


What secret demon-hunting government agency is headquartered under the University of California, Sunnydale?

Buffy's boyfriend, Riley, was a member of the Initiative.


What does Spike have built when Buffy rejects his sexual suggestions?

He has a robot Buffy built to use as his sex slave, which is mega-creepy. He redeems himself, but still … mega-creepy.


What causes Willow's use of dark magic to go out of control, turning her into Dark Willow?

Willow becomes Dark Willow when Tara's death shatters her emotionally.


After Buffy sacrifices herself to close Glory's portals, but before the Scooby gang resurrects her, where is she?

Being yanked out of heaven leaves Buffy depressed and saddles her friends with guilt.


Why does Cordelia leave for Los Angeles?

She leaves to start an acting career but becomes embroiled in Angel's supernatural misadventures.


What happens to Sunnydale in the series finale?

In the final battle, Sunnydale becomes a crater when the Hellmouth collapses.


Who sacrifices himself to wield a magic amulet and destroy the Hellmouth?

Spike channels sunlight through the amulet, knowing it will destroy him, too.


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