Build a Castle and We'll Tell You Which Disney Princess You Are!

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Obviously, maintaining a castle in the real world is expensive and time-consuming. However, in a magical kingdom where you can simply summon a team of very hygienic and agreeable rodents to clean it and a seemingly limitless supply of guards to secure it, living in such a massive house becomes an entirely feasible proposition. 

Choosing what type of castle you want is very important, as not all castles are created equal. They have to be suited to the topography, the climate and your lifestyle.

Your castle should reflect your personality, project power and be secure against invaders. If you're planning to torture anyone, it'll need a dungeon; if you anticipate a lot of war, it needs thick walls and turrets; and if you like to read a lot, it will need a totally bad-ass library. If the climate is very hot, then thick stone walls can keep the interior cool and pleasant, while if you live somewhere grey and rainy, large windows will save you a fortune in candle wax (which is just plain tactful, should your husband happen to have a candlestick for a valet). If you like a good view, then you'll want tall towers. 

Just like a Disney princess selecting her own castle (and the prince inside it), it's all about your preferences and how you plan to put that castle of yours to use. Let's find out, and we'll see which princess you match with the best!

Location is very important. Where are we putting this castle?

Let's be a bit more specific, which country would you want this castle to be in?

How big is your castle going to be?

If you could make your castle out of any medium, what would it be?

What style is the castle going to be in?

How many bedrooms are you putting in this castle?

How many bathrooms will your castle have?

What's the first room people walk into when they enter your pad?

What will your driveway be made out of?

And what standout feature is going in your courtyard?

Every princess has a garden. What kind of flower would be the star of your garden?

Will you have a ballroom?

Time for your master bath. What kind of tub are you putting in there?

What feature are you putting in the shower?

How big will your walk-in closet be?

Which modern day luxury is going in your kitchen?

What kind of bed is going in the master bedroom?

What are you going to do with the walls in your castle?

What are you going to do with the floors in your castle?

What will your dungeon be used for?

What secret room will your castle have?

What conventional pet will live with you in your castle?

If you had an exotic animal on your property, which one would it be?

Where will the staff's housing be placed?

Approximately how many acres of land does your castle sit on?

What do you think people will say about your castle?

We did not forget about the moat. Are you putting one in?

What are you putting in the moat?

Will your castle have a drawbridge?

How would you describe the fencing circling your property?

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