Build a Disney Family and We'll Tell You Which Harry Potter Character You Are

Khadija Leon

Image: The Walt Disney Company

About This Quiz

The word family generally refers to parents, children, and other extended relatives. While this may be true, in today's society, you can choose the people you call family, which doesn't necessarily include parents and children. 

Ever since the beginning of film and television, we have seen these groupings portrayed from the ever famous Brady Bunch to the Lannisters on Game of Thrones. One of the companies known for their interesting take on family structure is Disney. Throughout their movies, we have seen single dads raising their princess daughters, heroes being adopted into families and groups of friends becoming their own little unit.

Who would you add to your family if you could choose all of the members? Well, this quiz gives you the opportunity to do just that. Tell us all of the Disney characters that you would want to call family, as well as how big you want the family to be and which castle you will be calling home. When you're done, we will tell you which Harry Potter character you are.

How many people do you want in your new family?

How tight-knit do you want your family to be?

What do you love most about your family?

Which of these Disney castles would you live in?

Which member will you be closest to?

Who would you like to have as a father?

Which of these moms do you want as a mother?

Which of these characters is most like you?

Which of these characters do you want as your closest sibling?

Which of these little girls will be that annoying sister?

Which of these princesses would you want as an older sister?

And which of these princes will be her husband?

Which of these villains is going to be that older brother you never speak to?

Which of these attractive characters would you want as a cool older cousin?

Which of these leading ladies would he (that cousin) be dating?

If you parents were to remarry, which of these siblings would you least want as stepsiblings?

Which of these sidekicks would you have as a secret sibling?

Which of these nutjobs would be the relative you’re not sure how you are related to?

Which of these adults do you want as an aunt?

Which of these Disney grandparents would you want as a grandmother?

Which of these will you be calling granddad?

Which of these characters is the neighbor next door?

Which character would you bring home for Christmas?

Which of these kids would you like your family to adopt?

Which of these drama queens is always getting into an argument around you?

Which of these animals will be the family pet?

Which of these other Disney animals would keep the first one company?

You guys decide to add a horse into the mix. Which of these characters will it be?

Which of these songs will you be singing as a family?

Which of the parks would you go to on a family vacation?

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