Build a Dream Home and We'll Reveal Your Ideal Dog Breed

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What would a dream home be without a dog, but a dream gone bad? Indeed, it would be a veritable nightmare, a hellscape of good taste, the perfect amount of space, a sterling location, ideal yard or garden, and exquisite decor - all completely bereft of any soul whatsoever. 

Sure, a dog will muck up your house by putting hair everywhere, chewing things up, tracking mud across your floors, crapping in your garden, and knocking your valuables off shelves, but they'll add far more than they take aware. Dogs will make your house a place that is safe, friendly, and full of love. They are also very good at being a burglar alarm.

That's why it's so much fun to imagine your dream home with your dream dog right there in it. One way to identify the latter is to dwell on the former. If you like a lot of space and a farmhouse, you need a different sort of pooch at your side than if your dream home is a sleek urban penthouse with no outdoor space and only 800 square feet of space. Let's build that home and then we'll figure out who will be sharing it with you!

Where would you build your dream home?

What style of architecture would your home be?

What sort of moldings would you like for your hallways?

How many bedrooms would you home have?

What kind of sculptures would you have in your house?

How many floors would your home be?

What kind of photographs would you hang?

What outbuildings would it have?

How remote would your home be?

How high tech would your bedroom be?

What would your master bathroom be like?

What would your primary entertaining space be?

What style of interior design would you like?

What sort of bed would you like for the master bedroom?

What do you put in your home's game room?

What kind of pool would you like?

What sort of entertainment system can your family room not do without?

What sort of paintings would you hang?

What part of the house would you use for long term storage?

How would you set up your kitchen?

What sort of safe would you have installed?

What kind of light fixtures would you like?

What kind of window treatments would you like?

What quirk would you like for your home?

How many square feet would you like your home to be?

What kind of windows would you like for your home?

What sort of light switches would you like?

What kind of bar would you have?

What kind of couch would you have in your family room?

How many people must your dining room seat?

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