Build a Man Cave and We'll Guess Which Branch of the Military You're In

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A man cave is an important thing for a person to have (and don't let the name fool you; whether you are male or female, a little space to call your own is a vital part of an adult's mental health and relaxation). It's somewhere that you don't have to be "on" at all; where other people's expectations are irrelevant, and all you have to do is switch off, chill out, and recharge.

It's not about misanthropically withdrawing from the world. It's just about the fact that even the most gregarious, extroverted human being can find themselves worn out by constant company and by feeling like they have to show up socially and emotionally for those around them.

This is especially true for the brave men and women of our military. They often sacrifice even the tiniest vestige of privacy for years at a time and are expected to be deeply conformist. They are told what to wear, what to eat, who to see, how to speak, what to do, and even how to cut their hair. It's the job, sure, but it can wear a person down. That means it's very important for military heroes to have space in which to express yourselves freely - and how you do so tells us which branch you belong in!

How do you get to your man cave?

What seating is there?

Where is the computer?

How secure are the electronics?

How would you serve a drink in there?

What sound insulation is there?

What crafts do you do in there?

What is the biggest screen?

What games can you play?

What item of memorabilia is most obvious?

Do you have any awards or trophies in there?

Is anyone else allowed in?

What writing implements do you have?

Is there Foozball?

What's on the floor?

What movie poster is on the wall?

Is there a phone in there?

What tools are in there?

How neat do you keep it?

How do you heat the room?

How do you cool the room?

Where does the dog sit?

Did anyone else help you decorate it?

What is on the wall besides art?

Did you make any of the decor yourself?

What do you have in there to play music?

Are you allowed to put your feet on the furniture in the man cave?

What part of the house is the man cave in?

Would a person visiting the house necessarily know the man cave exists?

Can you get out of there without anyone in the house knowing?

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