Build a Salad and We'll Guess Where in Australia You Live

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Everyone knows geography and food are inextricably linked. For the most part, that's how we even define food. There's Italian, there's French, there's Vietnamese or Thai. The place where the food comes from is what makes the food unique. That's very much based on the ingredients that are available in one region rather than another, of course. 

Spicy foods come from places where spicy ingredients grow. Mexican food includes a lot of beans and corn, while Asian foods have very little of those ingredients since they didn't traditionally grow in the region. 

And sure, in modern times we can get any ingredients in any location we want, but there's still a kind of esthetic to how we prepare food. There is a way we cook and eat food that says we come from this place, and like our food made this way. It can even apply to something as simple as a salad right here in Australia!

Why not build us a quick salad right now, toss together your favorite ingredients, let us know what you think of a few weird ones and maybe a few you hate while you're at it, and we'll tell you exactly where across Australia you call home. Just take the quiz and see!

What does a tabbouleh salad need to be absolutely perfect?

What's essential to a good Caesar salad?

What salad do you crave more than any other for a quick, delicious lunch?

Are you eating a salad with whole grape tomatoes in it?

How are you feeling about cucumber?

Should raw red onion ever be in a salad?

A good salad needs a good crunch. What'll you have?

A lot of salads have fruit involved. Are you adding any fruit to yours?

How about grains? Ever feel the need to include anything kind of grain-like substance in your salad?

A salad seems like the opposite of meat and yet here we are adding meat to it. What do you want in yours?

There are 101 leafy green things you can make a salad out of. What do you like?

Whether or not you're a millennial, does avocado belong in a salad?

A lot of salads are made with eggs because why not? Which of these is your favorite?

There are some meat-based salads out there if you're looking to make a sandwich. What'll you have?

Have you ever had a salad made with rice?

In the '60s, they made all kinds of recipes for salads made with Jell-O. Are you interested in a Jell-O salad?

If you're looking to add beans to a salad, what are you going to include?

How are you feeling about adding some corn to your salad?

Do you like having a bit of beetroot in your salad?

If you'd like a little Asian flair to your salad, what would you add?

Would you ever add some broccoli to your salad?

Are you feeling the need to add some cheese to your salad at any point in time?

Sometimes a few fresh herbs can really add something to a salad. What sounds best?

How can you have a salad without dressing? It's madness! Let's try a fruity one to start.

There are a lot of Asian-inspired dressings if you like that flavor profile. What are you feeling good about?

Maybe you prefer a creamy sort of dressing on your salad. What sounds enticing?

Who says a salad has to be savory anyway? What kind of sweet salad do you like?

Salads can get too green sometimes. Why not add some color? Which bright addition would you choose?

What international salad option is the tastiest of the bunch?

Is a salad just a side dish or can you handle a salad as a meal?

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