Build a Salad and We'll Guess Where in UK You Live

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We all know that we should eat five fruits and vegetables every day, and one way to achieve this is to ensure that we have a meal that features a salad, possibly as the main event. After all, a glass of fruit juice (assuming no sugar added in the morning) and a lovely bowl of leaves for lunch means you're really just an apple away from making it to five! 

Still, it's not always easy to eat food that is good for you. As Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle has pointed out, it can be pretty difficult to get your mitts on a salad north of the border; the growing season up there is short and frankly, eating healthily is seen as a bit suspicious. On the opposite end of the scale, there are people in London who won't touch anything that isn't organic.

In between these poles, we find people in smaller towns and cities like Derry, Carlisle or Newcastle, who are just trying to do their best while living very busy lives, and people who've opted for a quieter pace of life in places such as the Malvern Hills, Pennines or Snowdonia, where there's time and space to grow your own veg and make sure you know what's on your plate.

What can your salad tell us about where you live? Let's find out!

What is the base greenery in your salad?

What sort of dressing will you definitely include?

What will be the overall balance of flavors?

If you had to prioritize low sugar or low fat, which would be more important?

What time of day will you eat the salad?

Will there be any fruit in it?

Will the salad be the main part of the meal?

Will it be an organic salad?

What protein will you include?

How will you toss the salad?

What sort of food miles will the salad have?

Which type of salad is the dumbest type of salad?

What time of year will the key ingredients be in season?

Will you include any pepper?

What non-green vegetable will you include?

How will the onion be cooked?

What non-potato root vegetable will you feature?

If you include cheese, what kind will it be?

Will you chop the salad or just toss it?

Is it the kind of salad that includes egg?

What's your take on anchovies?

Would your doctor approve of this salad?

How presentable is the salad if guests come over?

Will you include any nuts, seeds or beans?

How about croutons, tortillas or pita chips?

What herbs will be included?

How many avocados is the minimum viable number?

How will you make the dressing?

Do you plan to include any olives?

Will you finish the salad?

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