Build a Subway Sandwich and We'll Guess Your Age

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Subway has long stood out from the rest of the fast-food crowd by being the fresh, fully customizable option you crave when greasy fast food is just not what you want. It's like food you'd make at home if you had a ton of fresh ingredients and a display case full of meat. But you don't, so you go to Subway. And with all those combinations of bread, meat, cheese, vegetables and sauces, you could probably make a few thousand different sandwiches.  

Knowing that there are so many sandwich choices at Subway also means that there are a lot of little ways to gain insight into who you are as a person.  It's true! Not everyone wants a pizza sub with mayo and jalapenos, you know. We're pretty confident that if you build a Subway order for us, we can guess just how old you are. Go through the quiz and pick your sandwich favorites; let us know if turkey is superior to ham and if Italian herb and cheese bread is superior to 9-grain honey oat. Decide if you need lettuce, onion and tomato, or if all you need is extra pickles.  When it's all said and done, we'll make our guess, then probably go have a sandwich.

You can't even start to build a sandwich unless you have some kind of bread. What bready substance is holding your sandwich together?

A friend went out and grabbed some subs as a nice gesture. Which of these would you want the most?

You have a lot of meat choices at Subway. Which one absolutely must be on your sandwich?

What's a sub without cheese? Which cheese is your favorite?

Some veggies are pretty standard on any sub. Which of the old standbys do you like to have all the time?

When you need an extra flavor punch, what veggie can take a sub to the next level?

Sometimes Subway will carry extra veggies that aren't always available. If you saw these available, which would you try?

Not every sub is going to be your favorite. What kind of meat do you absolutely hate on a sub?

Subway's pretty big on the bread they sell. Which bread option sounds the tastiest?

Part of the beauty of how a sub works is the way flavors combine. What meat + cheese combo is the ultimate?

Some of those veggies are just not appropriate for a sub. Which vegetable choice do you never want?

The finishing touch on any sub is the right sauce choice. Which sauce makes the sub?

Despite how much stuff Subway has, they don't have everything. What do you wish you could get on a sub?

Sometimes a sauce overpowers the sub. Which sauce choice are you avoiding at all costs?

You can always ask for extra of pretty much anything on the menu at Subway. What do you want them to jam pack your order with?

Subway is willing to add a little heat if you want it. How do you like your sub prepared?

You can do breakfast at Subway if you want to. Which breakfast choice would start your day right?

Sometimes you need to shake it up and have a wrap. Which one of these wraps is most tempting?

Did you know you can get a chopped salad at Subway? Which salad do you think would hit the spot?

Subway has always tried to market its lower calorie options. Which of these subs under 400 calories still sounds filling?

Is it even a meal if you don't get a side? Which Subway side is speaking your language?

You never know what kind of soup a Subway might have, but if it does have soup available, what do you want?

If you need to grab a cookie to have a quick dessert, what kind of cookie do you need?

For that crunch factor, you can snag a bag of chips. What kind do you like best?

Sometimes you can eat a whole sub and sometimes you can't. What's the best size to order?

There are Subways all over the world, and the menu is different everywhere. Which international Subway item sounds best?

Not every Subway international menu sounds like a winner. Which of these would you avoid?

Sometimes Subway has to discontinue a sandwich. Which one do you wish you could have tried?

What do you wish you could get at Subway that they just don't offer?

Just because Subway is considered healthy sometimes, doesn't mean you can't eat unhealthy food along with it. What fast food would you eat right alongside your sub?

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