Build a Taco Bell Order and We'll Guess What People Find Most Attractive About You

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Everyone in the world has those moments of self-doubt when we're not sure what it is other people might see in us or why they think we're attractive in some way. Even the most confident person questions themselves sometimes. Luckily for us, when we're down in the dumps and unsure of where we fit into the world, there's Taco Bell to show us the way. Can anything instill confidence in you quite like a Crunchwrap Supreme? Don't answer that; it was rhetorical because obviously, we all know the answer is no.

If you're wondering what it is people see in you, what qualities you have that are attracting others, then have we got a treat for you. Not only can we answer that question, but you can order a bunch of Taco Bell at the same time. That's like winning the lottery twice! Just pick over some of your Taco Bell favorites, tell us whether you'd prefer a cheese quesadilla or a Spicy Double Chalupa with Fire Sauce and we'll use that enticing taco knowledge to paint a picture of your most attractive qualities and decide what that one special thing is. That one thing that makes you stand out in the Taco Bell line. Take the quiz and get schooled!

In your humble opinion, what is the single greatest item Taco Bell has ever created?

When do you find yourself drawn to Taco Bell the most?

What's the perfect Taco Bell combo when you're looking for dinner on a weeknight?

What's the ultimate drink pairing to go with a meal from Taco Bell?

Do you like to take things to the spicy place? What's the best hot sauce for your taco?

What is Taco Bell missing on its menu that would really give their tacos a boost?

If you're just in the mood for a taco, what kind is best for you?

You have a choice of taco fillings; which is the best for you?

Is there anything on the Taco Bell menu you don't really care for?

Where do you like to enjoy you Taco Bell when you eat it?

Would you eat a fish taco from Taco Bell if they added them to the menu?

Cheese takes a regular menu item and makes it an awesome one. What cheesy goodness do you love the most?

What's the best thing Taco Bell ever did with a tortilla?

When you're looking for the perfect flavor you should order the right sauce. What sauce is best?

What kind of cheese are you going to have them put on your taco at Taco Bell?

There are a lot of beans on the Taco Bell menu. What's the best bean-filled item that they make?

What other kinds of tacos should Taco Bell add to their menu?

If it's early and you're in the market for some eggs, what breakfast would you order from Taco Bell?

Attraction is all about two things coming together. What two items would you add to your taco?

If you only have some change on you, what would you order from the Dollar Cravings menu?

We all make mistakes, even Taco Bell. What was their worst menu item ever?

Have you seen Taco Bell's fancy Thanksgiving menu? What item sounds best?

Taco Bell will add steak to just about anything. What Steak item sounds best?

A potato is pretty filling for a vegetable. What potato-filled item is the best?

If you have a hankering for dessert, what are you going to order?

You never need to eat crunchy food at Taco Bell but admit it, crunchy stuff is fun! What's the best crispy crunchy treat?

The only thing better than Taco Bell is Taco Bell plus junk food. Which is the best junk food-infused item?

Taco Bell has a frosty cold Freeze if a regular drink isn't enough for you. What's the best kind?

If you're looking to go vegetarian, which meat-free option would you choose?

Play an evil fast food scientist for a moment. What other fast food items would you merge with Taco Bell to create a Frankenfood?

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