Build a Taco Bell Order and We'll Guess What Type of Guy You Attract

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Is there anything Taco Bell can't do?  Yes - it can't serve you a hamburger or fix your car.  But it can do a lot for other things.  Important things!  You may not even believe it right now, but Taco Bell is basically a window to your very soul.  The way you maneuver a Taco Bell menu says a lot about you as a person.  And not just to us, with our high-tech Taco Bell quiz algorithms.  Other people pick up on your taco tendencies and burrito beliefs. They paint a rich but subtle tapestry of who you are and what you're like on the inside. It's deep stuff.

We're willing to wager that if you tell us what you like and don't like at Taco Bell, we can tell you just what kind of guy you're most likely to attract.  Now, whether you're happy with the guys you attract is a whole different quiz and maybe even a different fast-food chain altogether. But knowing your opinions on everything from the Crunchwrap Supreme to a Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Taco will help us pick up the vibe you're putting down and put a name to the faces that seem to keep asking for your number.  Ready to find out?  Take the quiz!

It's easy to deal with new people in a social situation, so if you were having Taco Bell with a group, what Party Pack would you need to order?

If you're just ordering a single little taco for yourself, what do you want on it the most?

The Soft Taco is far and away the biggest seller at Taco Bell. If you found yourself in an eating contest, how many could you power through?

Even though the soft taco is the big seller at Taco Bell, it's not the only taco out there. Which other kind of taco is worth your time?

If you're only in the market for that beefy goodness of Taco Bell seasoned beef, what item are you most likely to get?

If chicken is your thing, then which chicken-filled item is the one you're going to want to order?

You can add a little sizzle to your meal with some steak. Which steak-filled item is the best?

Sometimes you just don't want meat and the beans are calling your name. What bean-filled item do you crave?

Taco Bell has a lot of rice on their menu. What are you going to order if rice is what you crave?

Most places will serve up french fries, but not Taco Bell. That doesn't mean they don't have potatoes, though. Pick your potato favorite?

If you're going to have a proper meal, then you need a side dish. Which Taco Bell side is calling your name?

Just about no one eats plain nachos. If you have an order of nachos, what are you going to dip them in?

What's your favorite way to wrap up your taco or burrito?

You know you need to eat your vegetables. What veggie must be on a taco?

If you're hungry for something with a bit more substance than a simple taco, what might you order?

Nothing goes together like cheese and everything else. What cheesy treat do you like the most?

You can have your burritos prepared a few different ways if you want. What style sounds best to you?

If you eat too many tacos, you'll probably need a beverage. Why not try a Freeze? Pick your favorite.

You don't want to ignore breakfast - it's the most important meal of the day. What will you order?

Don't like food that's all wrapped up? Well, there are always bowls! Pick the best one.

Taco Bell's sauce packets are famous, or at least infamous. What sauce do you want?

You can order your tacos by the numbers if you like. Or at least some with numerical names. Pick your favorite?

It's OK if you don't like everything on your taco. What topping do you want to avoid at all costs?

You can eat Taco Bell at any time, but what's the very best time?

Taco Bell is more than willing to sauce up whatever you order. What kind of sauce sounds best?

Taco Bell does some amazing work with junk food. What junk food specialty would you want to try?

Normal tortillas are pretty monotonous and boring. If you want a fun shell, what are you going to order?

Taco Bell really pushes the envelope with their menu, sometimes too far. Which extreme treat sounds the worst?

Taco Bell has a pretty big menu, and yet there are still things they don't serve. What do you wish you could get at Taco Bell?

When your meal's done, it's time for dessert. What are you ordering?

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