Quiz: Build an All-Black Outfit and We'll Guess How Dark Your Soul Is
Build an All-Black Outfit and We'll Guess How Dark Your Soul Is
By: Heather Cahill
Image: 100/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Those of us with dark souls have an understanding of the darkness like no other. They bask in it and feel that they are at their best when in the shadows. They may be the quiet people in the back, or they might be the loudest people in the room. There is more than just one type of dark soul!

Dark souls can also give off a vibe that can send chills through your spine. In contrast, you might never know if someone has a dark soul. Someone could appear to be one of the happiest people around, but inside, they may hide that inner darkness from the world. If you get to know them better, maybe they will reveal it! But if you study their outfit, then you might be one step closer to finding out what their inner soul is like. But this quiz is about you and what you like to wear. Through your choices, we'll try to guess just how dark your own soul is.

Could you hang out with the God of the Underworld, or are you a little closer to Earth? There's only one way to find out. Take the quiz to see how much darkness lives inside of your soul!

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Let's start with a shirt. What are you going for?

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What type of pants will you wear?

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Will you add a choker to your outfit?

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Time for socks. What kind do you choose?

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Which hat would you wear to complement your outfit?

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Sometimes it's chilly out. Are you adding a jacket to your outfit?

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What type of shoes will you wear?

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Will you wear any gloves?

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Which of the following would you wear to a party?

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Would you use nail polish with your outfit?

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Which celebrity's style do you admire?

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Everything is made of something. What fabric is your favorite?

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What is the best accessory, in your opinion?

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Would you ever carry a bag with you?

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Which of the following hairstyles will you be rocking?

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How much thought do you put into your outfits?

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Which villain inspires your style?

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To complete your outfit, you want to smell great! What do you want to smell like?

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