Build the Perfect Pizza and We'll Reveal Which State You Should Live In

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About This Quiz

Who doesn't love pizza? Okay, maybe we all have that one weird friend who lacks good taste. For the most part, everyone loves it, and it's easy to see why! Pizza is one of the most customizable food options out there. There's a combination of sauce, crust, cheese, and topics out there to satisfy even the pickiest of tastes. The pizza you consider your favorite may, in fact, be unique to you! 

Step inside our virtual pizzeria quizatorium, and build your ideal pie. Choose the vegetables you love most and combine them with your choices of cheeses and meats. Pile on all the dough your heart desires, and bake it in your choice of ovens. The way you put it all together will give us insights into your personality. Then, we'll translate your unique personality traits to specific regions of the country to narrow down the state you should really consider living in. 

North, south, east, west - you will love our pizza test! We'll handsomely reward you with a slice bigger than ones found in Nebraska, Illinois, Florida, or wherever it is you should really live. If you're ready to find out where to point your moving van based on your pizza tastes, let's get started! 

What kind of cheese would you never put on pizza?

Which of the following would you want to have the most of on your favorite pizza?

Would you ever add pineapple to a pizza?

How do you prefer your crust?

Which alternative pizza might you order?

Which kind of mushroom would you want on your pizza?

Would you ever like to own your own pizzeria?

Do you think broccoli has any place on pizza?

Which one kind of meat would you choose for your pizza?

Would you ever eat a bacon and ranch pizza?

What herb would you add to your own pizza sauce?

Would you ever top a pizza with shrimp?

Have you ever tried a hamburger pizza?

How often do you order pizza?

What kind of oven would you cook your dream pizza in?

How many types of cheese should a good pizza have?

Do you ever have leftover pizza for breakfast?

Should a pizza have so much cheese that it pulls into long strands when you bite into it?

Are you good at making homemade pizza?

What might you shake on top of your pizza?

Would you ever try a cauliflower or chickpea pizza crust?

What temperature would you use to cook a pizza?

Could you get down with a lobster and caviar pizza?

What drink do you wash down your pizza with?

Other than pizza, what might you order from your favorite pizza place?

Have you ever eaten a heart-shaped pizza?

How many pieces of pepperoni should be on each slice?

Which pizza shop are you most likely to order from?

Would you add artichokes to your pizza?

Do you prefer green or black olives on your slices?

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