Build Your Dream Baseball Team and We'll Tell You How All-American You Are!

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Baseball is more than just a national pastime. It is a legend. Even its origins are mysterious. Allegedly founded by Abner Doubleday in Cooperstown, New York, the game had roots in a prior game called "town ball," and originally teams could field as many as ten outfielders. The age of the apocryphal Doubleday changed all that, setting up a basic set of rules recognizable as what we call baseball today.

The game changed over the decades. The pitcher's mound became higher. The age of "dead ball" came to an end. Even how the balls are stored and transported changed. Cheating evolved as well. Initially, spitballs were legal in the game, but even spitball throwers would use Vaseline, bootblack, and other mysterious substances to put extra movement on pitches. Players used to cork their bats, drilling out the middle of the bat and inserting cork to decrease weight and increase bat speed. Now the cheaters cork their bodies, injecting dangerous substances to increase muscle mass and reduce recovery time.

The game is what it is, with all its history, its glories and its blemishes. How well do you know the game? Do you have it in your blood? Assemble your baseball organization, and we'll tell you how all-American you are.

First of all, what kind of stadium do you want for your team?

How big a market do you want for your team?

What kind of GM do you want?

Which front office person should be the face of the organization?

What offensive strategy would you want your team to follow?

What's your defensive focus?

What style of pitching do you want for your team?

Who would you want as your team's manager?

Who do you want as your backstop?

Who would you want as your backup catcher?

Who is your ace pitcher?

Who plays short?

Who's on first?

Who do you want at the hot corner?

Who plays second?

Who do you have as your utility player?

Who is your fantasy DH?

Who plays left?

Who plays center?

Who plays right?

Who is second in your team's rotation?

Who is your best middle reliever?

Who is your best long reliever?

Who is your setup man?

Who is third in your team's rotation?

Who is your closer?

Who is fourth in your team's rotation?

Who is the extra outfielder?

Who rounds out the rotation?

How do you use your remaining slots?

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