Build Your Dream Home and We'll Guess What Your Job Is

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Even if you're not actually in the market to buy a home, how fun is it to pretend to build your dream home with every fixture you've always wanted and all the space you could ever need in life? There are practical things you need to consider, sure, but it really should be all about the fun. Once you get your budget figured out, time to go shopping! Imagine being able to go into all of the home design and decor stores that you only window shop in and now being able to pick things up and put them in your cart or special order them? Sounds like you're doing something right in life.

Have you thought about what kind of vibe you want your dream home to have? Will it be light and airy? Rustic industrial with raw wood and dark stones? The possibilities and combinations are endless, and this is your opportunity to completely customize your home to who you are. And since your job is a big part of who you are, the way you design your dream home might just be able to help us guess what job you have! Want us to do it? Build your dream home and we will!

Starting with the not-so-glamorous stuff, are you hiring an architect?

How do you want the floor plan set up?

When do you want to be able to move into your new home?

Did you buy an empty lot or knock down a home to build it back up?

How many bedrooms are you planning for?

What material will the outside of your home be?

Do you have an overall style for the look of the home?

When it comes to curb appeal, what are you putting for a wow factor?

How do you feel about bay windows?

Are you having decorative molding put in to jazz the walls up?

What overall color scheme are you going for in the main living area?

Thinking of your kitchen, have you always dreamed of having an island people can sit at while you're preparing food?

Will you put a separate pantry in the kitchen for all your food storage?

Some people put the washer and dryer in the kitchen. Will you?

For those chilly winter nights, what kind of fireplace do you picture yourself cozying up with?

Is having a spacious backyard on your must-have list?

What kind of access to the backyard do you want?

Natural light can make or break the vibe of a home. How many windows, at minimum, do you want in each room?

Which flooring do you want under your toes in your dream home?

How fancy are you getting with your appliances?

In your master bathroom, have you always dreamed of having a big soaking tub?

Let's talk landscaping. Are you hiring a professional?

If a pool is on your list, how elaborate are you going with it?

Have you built this home as a space you can entertain in?

This seems like a no-brainer, but how crucial is central air to you?

To finish off your living room decor, what piece are you adding to the space?

Where are you sourcing most of your furniture from?

When you imagine your dream home, is there a basement for games, sleepovers or storage?

How will you christen your brand-new dream home?

Is your new home everything you wanted it to be?

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