Build Your Dream Home and We'll Tell You Which Dog to Adopt

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There are so many ways to build your dream home. Not only is there the actual structure and layout of the house, but then you get to choose all of the flooring, walls, countertops, tiles, etc. It can be so much fun! It can also be stressful. Do you know what else can be stressful? Trying to decide which dog breed is right for you, and since you are looking to adopt and not shop, you really need to make sure you're bringing the right dog home. If you like sharp edges, clean lines and white textiles, a rambunctious dog who likes to jump on the furniture might not be the best idea.

Adopting a dog is a big decision. So is building a home. Both shouldn't be taken lightly and should be given an immense amount of thought. Both things can also be really expensive, so you want to do it right the first time to avoid extra and unnecessary costs. The upkeep of having a dog is what deters some people. With a house, once it's built, you have maintenance, taxes, insurance and a mortgage to pay. So why build a house any less than what you've been dreaming of? And why adopt a dog that you don't absolutely love? With this quiz, that worry will be a thing of the past. Build your dream home, and we'll tell you which dog to adopt!

How many floors do you want your house to be?

Do you want more than one window per room?

What kind of deck are you building?

Will you landscape?

Are you going to put in a pool?

How many gardens will you have?

What flooring do you want in the living areas of your house?

How many bedrooms?

Will each bedroom have a bathroom?

How important is storage?

What color is going on the walls?

How many sinks will your kitchen have?

Do you need a garage?

Will you have a designated play room?

Will you grow grass from seed or sod?

Will you let your kids design their own room?

Where will you put a fireplace?

What counter-top material are you installing?

Will people be allowed to wear shoes in the house?

Will you have central air?

How many outlets will you have in each room?

Is a laundry room important to you?

What is one special thing you want in your house?

Do you want a grilling area?

Will you have a microwave?

Will you have ceiling fans?

What kind of built-in lighting do you want?

How will you prepare for future decorations like holiday lights?

Will you have special spots for a pet?

Cell phones reign supreme, but will you have a landline?

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