Quiz: Build Your Dream NFL Team and We'll Guess Which Team You Root For
Build Your Dream NFL Team and We'll Guess Which Team You Root For
By: Todd Betzold
Image: Photo by Benji Mellish from Pexels

About This Quiz

Whether it's the team that plays in your hometown or the city you live in now, we all have that one NFL team we are loyal to, regardless if they win or lose. We will stand by their side during the highs and lows because that is what true fans do.

Now we have an interesting quiz for you today, as we are going to ask you to build your dream NFL team from the following questions. When you have made it through all of the questions, we will try and guess which NFL team you root for every weekend!

Heck, maybe this quiz will even shock some of you Cowboys fans out there. This whole time you thought you were rooting and loving on the Cowboys, but deep down you were actually a Patriots fan? We don't want to mix Cowboys, Packers and Redskins fans, as that one might get a little testy.

So, do you think you know what your dream NFL team would look like? Does it contain some of your favorites out there right now? We'll be the judge of that, but you just need to make your way through all of the questions and in the end, we'll tell you what team you should be rooting for!

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