Build Your NFL Dream Team, and We'll Guess How Old You Are

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You don't have to be a specific age to like the NFL. Football fans are found in every generation - but there are some key differences in what draws them to the sport.

For young kids, who are new to sports in general, the highlight is, well, highlights. Acrobatic catches, blazing-fast runs, monstrous quarterback sacks - few other games involve as much constant athleticism as football, which is why children are drawn to it. Of course, the charisma of league favorites like Odell Beckham, Jr. doesn't hurt.

Folks in their 20s appreciate football with a more sophisticated outlook. They still love the big plays, but they've developed a more sophisticated love of the game, one that hinges on high-pressure moments, unexpected swings and teams masterfully managing their salary cap.

By the time a football fan becomes a senior citizen, they may be more appreciative of the good old days. They love the game as much as they always have, but feel like it has lost a certain rough edge, even as players get faster and salaries get bigger. You'll often hear older football fans talk about "the way the game used to be" on commercial breaks, but they're still tuning in along with everyone else.

So how old of a football fan are you? There's one easy way to find out - which players you rock with! Give us your dream team, and we'll give you our best guess on your age. 

What's your team's philosophy about trading stars like Odell Beckham, Jr. and Antonio Brown?

What color uniforms is your squad hitting the field in?

What style offense is your team running?

Who would you trust to coach your soon-to-be NFL dynasty?

What kind of tasty treats are the crowd at your stadium munching on?

Which of these tight ends would you want blocking and catching on your team?

Which player would you want commanding your huddle at quarterback?

You need a franchise running back you can depend on for rushing yards. Which of these guys are you picking?

What is your NFL team's philosophy about practicing?

Defense wins championships, and you need a skilled defensive coordinator drawing up yours - who you got?

What song is played in your stadium before big games to get the crowd fired up?

Your offensive line has to protect the QB so he can do his job. Which of these O linemen are you drafting?

Who would be the menacing defensive edge pass rusher striking fear into the hearts of opposing quarterbacks?

What's your franchise got in its stadium to keep fans entertained during breaks?

A cornerback's job is to blanket opposing receivers. Which of these speedy backfield defenders is on your squad?

Which colors would make up your team's logo and brand?

Who would be your ball-hawk safety patrolling the back field?

Which famous announcer would be in the booth calling your team's action?

You need a kicker to boot the ball downfield for your squad on kickoffs and nailing field goals. Which famous big leg are you picking?

Who would be your selection in the upcoming 2019 NFL draft?

Which team's mascot is most similar to the one you'd want patrolling the sidelines, pumping up the crowd for your team?

How often would your defense run blitz plays designed to get a sack?

Who would be the backup QB keeping the team on track if your starter went down unexpectedly?

Which famous celebrity would be your ambassador, like Drake for the Toronto Raptors of the NBA?

Who's your reliable second wide receiver who can grab a pass when your star receiver is covered?

A center has to get the ball to your QB consistently and then be able to block the defensive line. Who's the anchor for your offensive line at center?

Which athletic brand would provide the great-looking yet tough equipment used by your NFL team?

What team meal is your squad munching on to help you fuel up for a big game?

The quarterback coach for your team helps keep your QBs playing at a top level. Which of these QB whisperers do you want on your sideline?

Which city would have the best fans for your NFL dynasty?

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