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Ever wonder how you could make your own lamp to suit your lighting and decor needs? Wonder no more. Making your own lamp isn't as hard as you think! Shed some light on the subject by taking our quiz.

What can you use as the container part of the lamp?

You can truly use almost any household item to make the container part of a lamp. From mason jars to empty bottles, practically anything will do.


How long does building a basic lamp take?

Building a own basic lamp is really simple and takes no time at all, between 15 to 30 minutes.


What tools do you need to build your own lamp?

You only need a few basic tools to make a lamp -- pliers, a screwdriver and wire cutters. A drill may come in handy but isn't a necessity.


Why should you put sand in your lamp container?

All lamp containers require a weight for stabilization. If you have an opaque container, simply fill it will sand.


What kind of electrical kit do you need to build your lamp?

You need any do-it-yourself kit that suits your base. The simplest is one that fits into the top of the base, with the cord attached at the top, so no drilling is necessary. You definitely don't need an electrician for this job!


What is a lamp harp?

A lamp harp is a screw-on wire attachment that goes around the light bulb and keeps the lamp shade in place.


What is the purpose of the wire stoppers in a lamp kit?

A lamp kit includes several stoppers in different sizes. Use the stopper that best fits the opening you created for the lamp wires and fasten them into place.


What is a locknut?

A locknut is commonly used to fasten the harp securely in place.


What is the purpose of a candy cane lamp?

While its name might imply that it is a Christmas-themed lamp, a candy cane-shaped lamp is used for reading.


How long does it take to make a stovepipe lamp?

Making your own stovepipe lamp is not a simple task. It will take you about three to four hours to complete.


How long can you make your stovepipe lamp?

You can make your stovepipe lamp into any desired shape or length, within reason of course.


How much lamp cord do you need for a 4.5-foot (1.35 meters)-tall stovepipe lamp?

You'll need 12 feet (3.6 meters) of lamp cord for a 4.5-foot (1.35 meters)-tall stovepipe lamp.


What should you use to weigh down your stovepipe lamp?

Weigh your stovepipe lamp down with bricks or lead weights. You need at least 5 pounds (2.25 kilograms) of ballast to keep the lamp stable.


Why do you need to drill two holes at the base of a stovepipe lamp?

Get out your electrical drill out for this one. You need two holes in your stovepipe lamp creation: one for the light switch and one for the lamp cord.


What kind of paint should you use for your stovepipe lamp?

Spray your stovepipe lamp with one coat of metal primer and two or three thin coats of high gloss spray enamel for a smooth finish.


Why would you drill three small holes toward the top of your stovepipe lamp?

You need to drill at least three small holes close to the light source of your stovepipe lamp to dissipate the heat coming from the bulb.


How long does it take to make a lampshade cover?

Creating your own fabric lampshade cover is not a difficult task. It only takes about an hour.


What kind of fabric should you choose if you want to make your own lampshade cover?

Choose a lightweight fabric that will easily fall into nice folds.


How much fabric should you buy for your lampshade covering?

Buy 1 yard (0.91 meters) of fabric that is 44 to 45 inches (111.7 to 114.3 centimeters) wide. If the lampshade is more than 15 inches (38 centimeters) high, add another 2 inches (5 centimeters) in fabric width for each additional inch (2.54 centimeters) of lampshade height.


How much elastic do you need to buy for your lampshade covering?

You will need three yards of medium-weight elastic for your lampshade covering project.


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