Build Your Perfect Dorm and We'll Guess What Career Will Be Perfect for You!

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Over the years, people have come up with so many sayings that explain that we are what we eat and that cleanliness is next to godliness. All this is to say that the way you live tells others who you are. We can also say, as an extension if these phrases, that the space you live in says a lot about you, namely your bedroom. Whether it's painted black and has heavy metal band posters, or if it's pure white and decorated minimally, each room style tells us who you are.

So, we want you to pretend to be a college student for a while. Pretend that it's your first day on campus, that you're away from home and that you want to make your dorm room yours. We want you to build it just like you would if you were at a physical school. Paint the walls, choose a bed set, tell us what kind of desk you want and how much closet space you need. Tell us all that and more, and we'll guess what your perfect career is. 

If you're intrigued, and we know you are, it's time to get your creative juices flowing! Come design the dorm room of your dreams in this quiz.

Let's get to decorating. What style do you have in mind for this room?

Do you have a budget for this project?

Where will you get most of your dorm items from?

What activity will you be doing the most in this room?

What kind of bedding are you going with?

What color will your sheets be?

What pattern should your sheets have?

What shape rug do you want beneath your feet?

What kind of rug do you prefer?

When it comes to storage, which are you going with?

Let's talk lighting. Which of these will illuminate your space?

What's going on your wall?

You need a mirror. But which of these will do the trick?

Which of these other wall decor items will you get?

What kind of desk do you want your laptop to make its home on?

Which chair will match your desk?

What kind of laundry hamper will go best with your design?

Which addition does your room need?

What's one thing that you'll splurge on to make this place really comfortable?

Which candle scent will make your dorm feel like home?

Let's actually go to college for a while. What do you think you'd major in?

Which class would you be most excited to go to?

How dressy are you going for your first day of class?

Do you plan on pledging?

Have you seen any cuties you want to talk to yet?

Any ideas as to where you'll go for spring break?

Which member of your family will you let visit you?

What would be the best part of college?

What are you not looking forward to doing at college?

How great would your grades be at the end of your first semester?

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