Build Your Perfect Library and We'll Accurately Guess Your College Major!

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Back in the day, only the wealthy and religious could afford a library. On top of this, because of the costs to produce or import the books, it was more cost-effective to have bookstores sell their wares in bigger cities. Thankfully, Benjamin Franklin came along. On July 1, 1731, the Junto Club (a club that discussed philanthropic endeavors in which Franklin and a handful of tradesmen belonged) signed the Articles of Agreement to Subscription, creating the first lending library in America.

Today, libraries are accessible to almost everyone, and they not only house books of all ages, but they can also act as hubs for educational purposes. Children's programs include storytime for toddlers, book clubs, and even movie screenings. Adults can take classes on practically anything from computer software to physical fitness. Teens typically gather at libraries to study or research school projects, however, most libraries offer programs.

Even though most schoolbooks are provided for free through high school, the moment you set foot on a university's campus, you get faced with a common issue: the costs of the most up-to-date texts for your future field. While some books could be resold at bookstores, they're only at a fraction of the price. The library then comes to the rescue.

With your collection of books, do you think we could figure out what your college major was (or is)?  Take the quiz to see!

How large of a library do you want?

How many bookshelves are you planning to put into your library?

Where do you tend to read?

How many books do you own?

What kind of lighting do you want in your library?

Aside from hard copy books, what kind of materials do you tend to check out of your local library?

How do you usually get your news?

When it comes to libraries, not all of them will only contain books. What other types of media will you store in there?

What kind of seating will you have?

What kind of art or items will you hang on your walls?

Will you have anything else on your bookshelves?

What kind of bookends will you have?

Will others be invited to use your library?

What kind of extracurricular activities were (or are) involved in?

Which of these public library events is the most interesting to you?

If you were to do charity work, which type of work interests you the most?

Will your library have any additional furniture?

How did you meet our college sweetheart?

Did you attend any college parties?

When it came to finals, what was your studying ritual?

Which of these classic literary works would you enjoy the most?

Which of these college rock bands are you guilty of listening to?

What kind of book dominates your bookshelves?

Which of these Academy Award-winning movies do you prefer?

When you enter your library, which of these colors will you paint the walls?

What kind of items will you have on your desk?

When you enter your local library, where do you head first?

When you were studying at school, what did you consider your dream job?

When you're reading something, what kind of device do you use?

Will drinks be allowed in your library?

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