Build Your Perfect Pizza and We'll Guess Your Relationship Status

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About This Quiz

Do you snuggle with a body pillow or another body at night? You might not think building your perfect pizza will answer that question for us, but we promise to do our best to prove you wrong. Choose the kind of crust you like most, add some toppings, and some cheese. Knowing about your ideal slice will let us know if you are hitched or hanging tough on Tinder.

We all have that one weird friend who doesn't like pizza, but you won't find that sort of negativity in this quiz. This quiz is not only dedicated to your relationship status, it's also committed to making sure you have the choices you need to build the pizza of your dreams. If only relationships were so easy, right? By the time you've finished, you'll most likely be a little hungry, but you will have also given us enough information to take our best guess at your relationship status. 

Wow us with your culinary choices and your love of pizza pie! You won't need anyone to help, but you might feel more comfortable in a pair of pants with a waistband. Just answering questions about your perfect pizza will make you peckish!

How large is the perfect pizza?

What's the perfect amount of cheese?

How many different toppings would the perfect pizza include?

At what time of day would you want to eat it?

How should the sauce be?

Are we talking traditional style pizzas or unique takes on pizza, like a BBQ chicken or margarita pizza?

In terms of geography, you'd want your perfect pizza to be inspired by...?

How should the crust be?

Any veggies?

What about anchovies or other seafood?

Would you share your perfect pizza with anyone?

What type of dough would make for the perfect crust?

How many different types of meat would the perfect pizza include?

How well-done should it be?

Where would be the perfect place to eat your perfect pizza?

What's the perfect cheese to sauce ratio?

How hot should it be?

Who would cook your perfect pizza?

Would you require any dipping sauce?

What would be the perfect side to accompany your perfect pizza?

Are there any other condiments you'd need?

What would be the perfect toppings to cheese ratio?

What would totally ruin the perfect pizza?

Which of these toppings sounds delish?

What sorts of seasonings are an absolute must have?

How should the pizza be sliced?

How many different types of cheeses would make for the perfect pizza?

Onions should be...

How stretchy should the cheese be?

What's the perfect meat to veggie ratio?

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