Build Your Vacation Location Dream Team and We'll Guess How Old You Are

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When it comes to big dreams that everyone has, the kinds of things we'd do if we won a million dollars, taking a dream vacation is near the top of everyone's list. A big house would be great for sure, and a nice car would, of course, be wonderful. But a vacation is so much more. A house is where you always are, a car is what drives you around your everyday life. But a vacation is literally a break from all of that. It's a change from the everyday, it's something new and different. It's the one thing we can do that takes us away from "us" and into someplace new. That's pretty awesome. But what kind of vacation is the right vacation? That can change a lot depending on the type of person you are and also how old you are.

If you bust out the details on the kind of vacations you'd love to take right now, it'll pretty much give away everything we need to know about who you are and how old you are. It's not as accurate as counting the rings inside a tree trunk or anything but it'll be pretty close. So grab your luggage and some sunscreen and head off with us on this quiz!

Sometimes the people make a vacation more than a destination. Who are you going on vacation with?

How long are you planning on getting away for?

How are you feeling about going on a cruise?

Do your accommodations matter that much? Like do you care more about the destination or the place you'll be sleeping when you get there?

Speaking of accommodations, are you down for an Airbnb?

Would you ever hit up someplace cold and snowy for a vacation?

How much do you like tents and roasting marshmallows? Where would you like to go camping for a week?

Sometimes you get the urge to have a baguette and some nice wine. Where would you most like to go in France?

Britain has more history than you can shake a stick at. Where would you like to visit?

Sometimes the thing you crave most is a nice, tropical vacation. Which Hawaiian island would you like to visit most?

Cruises aren't just tropical! What European cruise sounds best?

If your big motivation for travel is eating the best foods in the world, then you'll want to go to one of these places. But which one?

Amusement parks have everything you need in one place plus 1,000 things you don't. Where would you most want to go?

Not every vacation needs to be selfies and souvenirs. Where would you go to absorb some history?

Some people just want to hit up the casinos on vacation. Pick your city!

If you hate being cold you should pick one of these extra hot vacation destinations.

If you hate the heat you might want to hit up someplace chilly for your vacation. Pick one!

If you're a wildlife lover, then maybe an African safari is what you need. Where would you go?

Australia has koalas! Let's go there!

If you're interested in Asian culture, why not experience it firsthand? Pick a place to go!

For a lot of people, the Caribbean is the best of the best for vacation destinations. Where do you want to go the most?

Can't choose between North America and South America? Pick a place in Central America!

Brazil is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Which one of these spots would you visit first?

Have you ever been to Canada? It's delightful! Pick somewhere to try some poutine.

Obviously, it helps to go to a country where everyone speaks your language, but change can be good. What non-English-speaking European country would be the most fun?

It's a fact that monkeys are awesome. Where would you go to hang out with some?

Sometimes you need to pamper yourself with an all-inclusive resort. Which one of these are you hitting up?

A lot of people associate vacations with beaches. Which beach do you want to set up your umbrella on?

All things being equal, would you rather stay in North America or go as far away as you can?

Have you ever been on a staycation?

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