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The rows and rows of shiny new tools at your local DIY store can be very tempting. Before you go out and buy a bunch of tools you don't need and will never use, check out our quiz to see which five tools you definitely can't do without.

Which type of hammer is used most often by amateurs and professionals alike to both pound and remove nails?

The claw hammer is the one most of us use for our basic hammer needs. With one tool you can pound nails or use the claw end to remove them.


Which type of hammer is used to tear down a structure like a wall in your home?

You can use the mighty sledgehammer to tear down a wall in your home. Rubber mallets are helpful when you want to hit a surface without damaging it and ball-peen hammers are best for metal-working jobs.


Power drills are powered by:

You can power your drill using either a power cord or batteries. Cordless drills are easier to work with because you have greater mobility, but the battery might need to be charged in the middle of a job.


Which part of a power drill does the actual boring of a hole?

Your power drill works by spinning a drill bit at high speed. The drill bit, which does the actual boring of the hole, is held in place by the power drill's chuck, which resembles a vise.


What determines the size of drill bit that you can use in your power drill?

Power drill chucks are available in different sizes. The size of a drill's chuck limits the size of drill bits that your drill can accommodate, so you may actually need more than one drill if you do a lot of construction work at home or on the job.


What is the most common use for a screw?

A screw transforms a force known as torque into a forward or backward motion. This rotational action allows a screw to fasten two objects together or to lift weights, as well.


Which screwdriver is made to fit specific types of screws?

Screwdrivers are constructed for use with specific types of screws. A flathead screwdriver fits into a screw that has a single slot in the head, whereas a Philip's head screwdriver fits into a screw that has a plus-shaped indentation in its head.


Which type of saw will fit into your toolbox?

Though very useful, table saws and jigsaws will not fit into your toolbox. That's why a small manual saw, such as a hacksaw, that does fit into your toolbox is a must.


A _____is a measurement device that indicates whether or not a surface is level.

Bubble levels have small vials that are partially full of a colored liquid. There is an air bubble in the liquid -- if it is centered between the lines on the vial, your surface is indeed level.


Which tool allows you to take accurate measurements during a construction job?

If you're going to do a good job, you will need a good tape measure. Depending on your needs, you may opt to invest in a laser measuring device, which can provide measurements in both the English and metric systems.


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