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If you think building a concrete patio sounds like a big job, you're right. Know what's involved before you start this big do-it-yourself job. Take this quiz to see how well you know how to build a patio.

To build a nine foot square (7.5sqm) concrete patio, about how many days will it take?

Allow at least two days.


What type of ground is best for a patio?

Level and well drained land is best suited for a patio?


For best results, which direction should the patio site slope?

The site should slope slightly away from the home.


For the patio grid, how big should each unit of poured concrete be?

Each unit of poured concrete should be three-foot square.


How deep should the gravel base be?

For the base, use three inches (7.5cm).


How deep should the concrete be?

Pour each unit of concrete to a depth of about four inches.


To frame the patio, what type of lumber should be used?

To prevent rot, use pressure-treated, ground-contact lumber.


Why should you use machine-mixed concrete?

Machine-mixed concrete is stronger than hand-mixed concrete.


What is the most convenient way to machine-mix the concrete?

If you rent a portable mixer, you may decide when to mix the concrete, and renting is much cheaper than buying.


How may you prevent air holes in the concrete?

To prevent air holes, while spreading the cement poke through with a shovel.


How many people are needed to level the surface of newly poured concrete?

You will need one assistant for this job.


What tool should you use to smooth the leveled concrete?

Use a wood float to smooth the still-wet concrete.


To create a nonslip surface, what should you pull across the troweled concrete surface?

Pull a damp push broom across the troweled surface using a light touch.


How long should concrete cure?

Cure the concrete for a least a week.


What should you do during the curing period?

Once or twice a day, wet down the curing concrete. To wet the concrete, use the fine spray setting on a garden hose. After every wetting, recover the concrete with a plastic covering.


How soon after curing may you place furniture on the patio?

Wait a least a week after the curing period to place furniture on the concrete patio.


How long does cement need to mix in the rental mixer?

Ask the rental agent for mixing times, but mix for at least for three minutes.


What is the easiest way to purchase concrete mix materials?

The easiest way to purchase the concrete mix materials is to buy premixed gravel-mix concrete.


What is the least expensive way to purchase concrete mix materials?

The cheapest way is to mix the ingredients yourself.


Other than Portland cement and sand, what else goes into concrete mix?

Coarse aggregate is the third material added to the concrete mix.


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