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Stairs might be easy to climb, but they are very difficult to build. Do you want to save yourself some money by building your own set of porch stairs? First make sure you know what a project like that entails. Take our quiz, and learn more about the process of building yourself a great set of porch stairs.

Which of these is the most important part of building porch steps?

To avoid wasting both time and money, and to make sure no one gets hurt trying to climb your stairs, make sure your design is accurate.


You should build your own stairs only under which of the following circumstances?

Building stairs is not a simple carpentry task, and you should only attempt this project if you have some carpentry experience. Otherwise you should leave it to a professional.


Before taking on this or any other building project, you should find out whether you need which of these?

Many states have laws governing what you may build on your property. Find out whether you need a building permit before spending your time and hard-earned money on a project you might be asked to destroy.


Some carpenters prefer to use which of these to design stairs?

You might think that designing stairs is a simple task, but the measurements and calculations required are so difficult that many professional carpenters actually use drafting software to design stairs.


Your calculations are intended first to provide which of these crucial pieces of information?

You must determine how many stairs you will be building, because that will determine many of the other measurements for the project.


Which of these terms refers to the vertical section of a step?

The vertical section of a step is known as the rise. The total rise of a stair case is how much vertical climb the stairs allow.


What is considered the ideal height for a single rise?

Research has shown that the ideal height for a step in 7 inches (18cm). You can only vary from that number by about an inch before the stairs are perceived as uncomfortable to climb.


To determine how many stairs you will need, you should use which of these calculations?

You must measure the total rise of the stairs, and then divide that into 7-inch units. You can then round to the nearest whole number to determine how many stairs you must build.


Having determined the number of steps you need, how do you determine how high each rise will actually be?

Even though the ideal height of a rise is 7 inches, you will not always have that option. You must account for the actual height of the total rise, and divide that by the number of stairs you need.


The term run refers to which of these sections of a stair's step?

The depth of each stair, as determined from the edge of the stair to where it meets the rise, is known as the run. The total depth of the staircase is known as the total run.


The ideal depth of a single run is how many inches?

The industry standard for a single run is 11 inches (28cm), but there must be a proper ratio between the rise and the run.


When calculating the rise of a step, you should round off to which of these?

Although accuracy is important, you can afford to round off to the nearest quarter of an inch (0.6cm).


A staircase that has a total rise of 3 feet (91cm) will need how many stairs?

There are 36 inches in 3 feet. Divide 36 inches by 7 to get 5.14. Round that to the nearest integer, and you've calculated the total number of stairs you need.


The five steps of a 36-inch (91cm) staircase will each have a rise that is how high?

Divide 36 inches by 5 to get 7.2 inches. Round that to the nearest quarter of an inch, and the rise of each stair will be 7.25 inches.


One way to save time on your project is to buy which of these?

A stringer is the staircase's frame, on which the individual stairs will rest. You can buy pre-cut stringers at many hardware stores.


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