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If you are a pack rat and your garage stores everything but your car, consider building a storage shed. A storage shed may be professionally built or a do-it-yourself project. Take this quiz to see what you know about how to build a storage shed.

How does pressure-treated lumber differ from untreated lumber?

To resist decay and insect infestation, pressure-treated lumber has been treated with chemicals.


For what component of the storage shed is it important to use pressure-treated lumber?

Use pressure-treated lumber for the floor and the bottom plate of the walls.


What type of pressure-treated wood should be used for floors?

You may use pressure-treated plywood to construct the floors.


How long should it take a skilled carpenter to build a storage shed?

A skilled carpenter may be able to knock one out in about a day.


For building a storage shed, where do you find out what kind of permits you will need?

To find out about building permits and codes, go to your local jurisdiction.


Before building, why would you need to check with your homeowners association?

Your homeowners association may have specific construction guidelines, and an approval process for unattached structures.


Why may you want to notify your neighbors of your intention to install a storage shed?

Your neighborhood may require that your neighbors sign-off on your project.


What type of foundation may extend the life of your storage shed?

A concrete foundation may extend the life of your storage shed.


What are skids made of?

The shed floors sits on skids, which are long cuts of lumber.


To determine whether a surface is level or plumb, what tool should you use?

Take the carpenter's level out of the toolbox.


If you plan on moving the storage shed, what type of footing should you choose?

If you may want to change the shed's location, build the storage shed on wooden skids.


When determining the size of a storage shed, what should you consider?

When deciding how much space you will need, consider what you plan to store in the shed.


What effect may frost heaves cause?

Frost heaves may cause frozen soil to move?


If your garage is so cluttered that you cannot park your car inside, what do-it-yourself project may be a good idea?

A do-it-yourself storage shed may solve your storage issues and get your car into the garage.


What are the limitations of prefabricated storage sheds?

A prefabricated structure may not have the style you are looking for and their durability is limited.


Where can you find storage shed building plans?

Plans are available at home improvement stores and on the Internet.


Which part of the storage shed plan is easily changed?

The size of the windows and the doors may be adjusted to suit your needs.


If you use wooden-skids instead of a foundation, what may be used to anchor the shed to the ground?

Use cable tie-downs or wooden posts to anchor the shed to the ground.


To build the shed, how much will the materials cost?

Expect the lumber and materials to cost at least $2,000. Lumber is a commodity, so the price may vary.


Where should you install the roof overlay?

The roof overlay should be installed over the roof frame. Roof overlay is a type of building paper.


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