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The American's with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 dramatically changed our legal attitudes toward the physically challenged. Among the laws enacted was the requirement for wheelchair accessibility at many public facilities and businesses, mostly by way of wheelchair ramps. Do you know how to build one of these ramps to ADA specifications? Take our quiz, and learn more about how to build a proper wheelchair ramp.

What is the primary function of a wheelchair ramp?

A wheelchair ramp is designed to give people who cannot comfortably climb stairs easier access to a building or facility.


Which of these congressional acts paved the way for wheelchair ramp standards?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 focused on preventing discrimination against the physically challenged, and on ways of meeting their day to day needs. Among other things it required that certain businesses and facilities be readily accessible to the disabled.


To what kinds of locations does the ADA apply?

ADA laws apply to public locations only, although the guidelines help inform the way everyone builds wheelchair ramps.


The ADA requires that wheelchair ramps be at least how wide?

To operate a standard wheelchair you need to have your arms at your sides, therefore the ramp must be at least 36 inches (91cm) wide.


Besides the ramp that allows the wheelchair to climb vertically, a ramp must also have what?

A wheelchair ramp must have some kind of protective border that prevents the user from falling off the sides of the ramp.


The landings at the top and bottom of a wheelchair ramp must be at least how long?

To allow for lateral maneuverability once the wheelchair is again parallel with the ground, a ramp must have landings that are at least 60 inches long.


A ramp with a horizontal projection of more than 72 inches must have which of these?

Ramps will be used not only by people in wheelchairs, but by people using crutches and other walking devices. Handrails, therefore, are required for all ramps that project more than 6 feet.


Which of these statements best defines the slope ratio of a ramp?

Slope ratio indicates the relationship (ratio) between the slope of the ramp and the vertical distance a user will traverse.


If you multiply the slope ratio by the height of the ramp you will determine which of these?

The length of a ramp is the product of the height of the ramp and the slope of the ramp.


According to the ADA, the acceptable range of a ramp's slope is what?

A slope of 1:15 or lower is quite steep. It would pose a challenge to climb with crutches or by wheelchair, and might cause a wheelchair to move too quickly while descending. The ADA recommends a slope ratio between 1:16 and 1:20.


The surface of a wheelchair ramp must have which of the following?

For safety reasons, a wheelchair ramp must have a slip-resistant surface, such as one covered with grit strips.


One of the advantages of using concrete to build a wheelchair ramp is what?

By brushing wet concrete you can produce a permanent slip-proof surface.


The main disadvantage to using concrete is which of these?

The main deterrent to building a ramp out of concrete is that it's very expensive.


What is the main disadvantage to building a ramp out of wood?

It may cost less to build a ramp out of wood, but there will be ongoing maintenance costs.


When building a ramp out of wood, you must use what size lumber?

To handle the weight of an electric wheelchair, you should build wooden ramps out of 2-by-6 (5cm by 15cm) lumber, rather than 2-by-4.


When building a ramp out of wood you must make sure to do which of these?

You must treat and varnish all wood to prevent rotting, warping, and splinters.


Which of these is the best metal to use for building a ramp?

Use galvanized steel to make sure your ramp doesn't get rusty and corroded.


Why shouldn’t you use nails to attach wooden sections of a ramp?

Nails sometimes work their way back out of wood, which can injure the user of the ramp, or damage a wheelchair.


Why should you leave some space between the wood boards of a ramp?

If water collects on the surface of the ramp, the ramp will become slippery. For the safety of the users, you must leave enough space between the boards for water to drain.


The final section of a ramp will have which of the following?

A beveled transition will help the wheelchair get back to a parallel position without the chair getting stuck on a sharp corner.


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