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Jazz up your window with some do-it-yourself projects. Add interest without taking up space by building some window storage spaces, such as a shelving unit or window box. Take this quiz to see what you need to know about how to build window treatments.

What window addition may provide the perfect space for plants?

A window box may be the perfect location for plants.


How may you use a window to display collectibles?

Install some window-based shelves and show off your collection of collectibles.


What is a carpenter's square?

A carpenter's square is a tool used for determining right angles.


What type of wood is pine?

Pine is a softwood and may be commonly used for home construction.


What is carpenter's glue used for?

Carpenters glue may be used for gluing wood to wood.


When building shelving, what is the purpose of angle irons?

Angle irons will be used to secure a shelving unit to the wall.


Why should the plants not have direct contact with glass windows?

During the cold season, contact with glass may damage the plants.


What is resorcinol glue used for?

Resorcinol glue may be used for projects installed outdoors. This type of glue may be strong enough to withstand the elements.


What are weep holes use for?

Weep holes are used to provide drainage.


What type of hardware may be used to fasten wood to brick or concrete walls?

To attach wood to brick or concrete walls, use brass or stainless steel flathead screws, or lag screws driven into lead masonry anchors.


Why may redwood or cedar be an appropriate choice to construct a window box?

Redwood or cedar may be rot resistant and strong enough to hold the weight of plants and soil.


To help with drainage, what should you add to the window box before adding the soil?

A layer of gravel in the bottom of the window box may create better drainage for plants. Of course, weep holes will have been drilled when building the box.


How long should paint or stain dry before installing your plant shelf unit?

Follow the manufacturer's directions for drying time.


What items may be displayed on a windowsill shelf?

Your windowsill shelf may be used to display any items you care to show off. Be careful about items that may not withstand heat or cold.


Where may a windowsill shelf be located?

A windowsill shelf may be located on the inside or outside of your window.


What is a saber saw used for?

A saber saw is useful to cut into tight spaces.


What options are available for shaping the shelf ends of your windowsill shelf?

The options are square, round or angled shapes. It's your choice.


A windowsill may add some visual excitement to your window without:

A windowsill shelf may give you a space to display collectibles without taking up additional space.


What is a plane?

A plane is used to smooth and shape wood.


When would a power drill use carbide-tipped bits?

Carbide-tipped bits are used for drilling into concrete and steel.


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