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Burberry may rank high in the fashion world today, but the company's roots come from kitting up soldiers and adventurers. Take our quiz to learn more about Burberry, past and present.

Which of these items is most closely associated with the Burberry name?

While it's unclear if Burberry actually invented the first trench coat, the garment has been synonymous with the Burberry brand for a century.


What year did Burberry introduce gabardine, its famous waterproof fabric?

Thomas Burberry revolutionized rainwear when he created gabardine in 1879. By coating individual fibers rather than the entire garment at once, he created a material that was both breathable and waterproof.


Which of these groups was the first to embrace Burberry?

While Burberry eventually became the brand of soldiers, it started as the brand for explorers, who used the gear in early explorations of Antarctica, the South Pole and the Artic Circle.


What year did Burberry patent its Tielocken coat?

The Tielocken, a khaki coat with broad lapels and a belt, was one of the earliest examples of the trench coat and was patented in 1912.


How many days would an average soldier have to work to buy a Burberry trench during World War I?

The Burberry trench became popular among World War I officers, but an average solider would have had to work 60-80 days to afford a basic model.


What year was Thomas Burberry born?

Born in 1835 in England, Thomas Burberry became a draper's assistant to get his foot in the door of the fashion industry.


What year did Burberry launch his famous brand?

Burberry launched his clothing company in 1856 in Basingstoke, England. The small town had a population of just 4,500 at the time.


When did Burberry launch its first London location?

It took more than three decades for Burberry to expand to London, opening a store at 30 Haymarket in 1891. The first Paris location didn't open until 1909.


What does the word "<i>prorsum</i>" in the Burberry logo stand for?

"<i>Prorsum</i>" in the company logo is Latin for "forward." The logo, with its equestrian knight, was first used in 1901.


When did Thomas Burberry retire, leaving the company in the hands of his sons?

Burberry founder Thomas Burberry retired in 1917. The company went public on the London Stock Exchange just three years later.


True or false: Burberry didn't add a lining to trench coats until the 1960s.

The company trademarked its classic checked lining back in the 1920s and uses the same pattern to this day.


True or false: The Burberry tartan is officially called "Burberry" according to the Scottish Register of Tartans.

The Scottish Register of Tartans officially recognizes that iconic plaid by the name "Burberry" and classifies it as a corporate, rather than family, tartan.


True or false: Burberry focused heavily on womenswear starting in the 1920s.

From the 1920s through the '60s, the company stuck to what it knew best: raingear and tailored menswear.


What city inspired the famous Burberry scarf?

To catch the eye of savvy shoppers, a Paris shopkeeper turned down the collar of a Burberry trench, revealing the plaid lining. This simple act inspired the company's iconic scarf.


What was the first item Burberry splashed with its famous plaid?

As interest in Burberry plaid grew, the company first released a line of umbrellas. After selling hundreds of umbrellas, the company put the same pattern on a scarf in 1967, and the rest is history.


How many different Burberry scarf designs were available by the 1990s?

The Burberry scarf was so successful that the company released the garment in six different colors by the 1990s.


What percentage of company sales were due to exports in the '80s?

Burberry was hot overseas in the '80s, with two-thirds of companies sales due to exports.


What was the No. 1 country for Burberry exports in the 1980s?

A full 25 percent of all Burberry sales took place in Japan in the '80s, with another 15 percent taking place in the U.S.


What did Burberry call its first women's collection?

It took more than a century for Burberry to create the Thomas Burberry Collection, a line of womenswear released in 1988.


True or false: Burberry's women's line was a major flop for the company.

By 1999, around 70 percent of all Burberry sales were purchases from the women's line.


What name did Burberry give its runway line in 1999?

Burberry named its 1999 ready-to-wear line "Prorsum" in honor of the company's logo.


What country revoked Burberry's trademark on its iconic tartan?

In 2013, the Chinese government revoked Burberry's trademark, claiming that the company was monopolizing Scottish culture.


What was the Burberry it-piece of 2014?

Celebrities and fashion fans went wild for the monogrammed Burberry poncho in 2014.


What Burberry perfume was inspired by the trench coat?

Inspired by the trench coat, My Burberry smells like a London garden after the rain, according to the company website.


How long does it take the company to make each trench coat today?

It takes 100 different processes over a three-week period to make a Burberry trench.


When did Burberry introduce its Scarf Bar?

At the Burberry Scarf Bar, which was introduced in 2015, customers can create custom scarves.


How many different trench coat combinations are offered by Burberry Bespoke?

In 2011, the company introduced Burberry Bespoke, which allows customers to create customized trench coats, with more than 12 million possible design combinations.


What were Burberry's annual sales in the year ending March 2016?

Burberry had $2.5 billion in annual sales through March 2016, up from $1.86 billion just four years earlier.


True or false: Unless you buy a custom jacket, you can only get the Burberry trench in traditional khaki.

Burberry offers its famous jacket right off the shelf in a wide variety of colors, including wild patterns and animal prints.


Which of these is NOT a traditional color in Burberry plaid?

The classic Burberry plaid includes camel, ivory, red and black but never blue.


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